What To Not Display When Selling Your Houston Home

If you are selling your home, your Houston real estate agent will be conducting showings and open houses with potential homebuyers. It’s important for you to plan ahead and remove and store away any items that you don’t want visible during an open house. Whether it’s a personal item of yours that you want to keep safe, or an item that will turn off buyers, our Keller Williams Memorial real estate team is here to fill you in a few to take note of!

  • Personal documents – Any personal documents that have important information on them should be locked away. This includes anything with your full name, social security numbers, credit cards, bank information, etc. This is an identity thief’s dream. At the least, lock them in a filing cabinet. At the most, store them somewhere else for now, like your work office or a storage unit.
  • Space heaters, fans, etc. – If you use a fan every night to drown out noise, great, but it might give buyers the wrong idea. Are your neighbors super loud? Does it get really hot or really cold? Does the heat or air conditioning not work so well? If you have a humidifier or dehumidifier, does the home get really stuffy or really dry? Even if none of these scenarios are true, buyers will think the worst. Remove any items that will have them second guessing the home.
  • Pets – You love your pets, but not everyone loves pets and animals. It may seem shocking, but it’s best to remove pets when your Houston home is being shown. Wherever you’re going during a showing or open house, bring your pets with. At the same time, store away pet dishes, pet beds and toys, because if your buyer doesn’t have pets, those items may distract them from envisioning themselves living in the home. Make sure to remove any odor-causing items as well. Clean out the litter box!
  • Political/religious items – This is one more item that could rub a buyer the wrong way. if you’ve got any political slogans or election memorabilia visible, buyers will zero in on political endorsements. You don’t want a buyer to not buy your home because of your political opinions. Same is true for religious items. You want your home to be as neutral as possible, so that the largest majority of buyers can imagine living there.

Other items to remove before a showing or open house include money, expensive jewelry, mail and bills, ashtrays, personal photos, piles of toys and so on.