Update Your Houston Home’s Curb Appeal With Fresh Ideas

If you’re a homeowner, chances are, you’re familiar with the words ‘curb appeal.’ Curb appeal refers to the impression that people get when they first view your home from the outside. This term is especially important when it comes time to sell your home. Curb appeal could be the deciding factor for a potential buyer to check out your home!

As your Houston real estate team, we’re here to offer you some fresh curb appeal suggestions for this year. While we’ve shared curb appeal tips in the past, here are a few new ones to consider, based on current trends.

  • Update the front door. The upgrade with the most ROI value is a front door replacement. If yours is outdated, don’t feel bad about spending the money on a new one, because you could see a 100 percent return on your investment, or more! If you can’t afford a new door, consider just replacing the hardware on the door, or giving it a fresh coat of paint.
  • Install stone veneer. This is a popular look among homeowners right now, but stone veneer costs considerably less than actual stonework! Plus, it never needs to be painted, it comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, and you can choose how much of your home to cover. You could do one wall, just the entryway, or the entire exterior! This could also increase your home’s value.
  • Update exterior lighting. It’s always a good idea to have good lighting on your home’s exterior, for safety purposes and convenience. However, it’s extra important when selling, especially during the darker winter months. Consider replacing your bulbs with LED bulbs, which look brighter but use less energy. Clean your lighting fixtures, or upgrade them, as most are inexpensive and can be owner-installed.
  • Refinish sidewalks or driveways. Have you seen houses that feature a driveway made of stone or brick? This looks can make an ordinary house look like an upscale, luxury home! Decide if this is the buyer market you’re going for, and if it is, consider having this look installed. You could also just have concrete cracks refilled or resurfaced, or you could add borders to your driveway with brick pavers.

For more ideas, such as adding color to your landscaping or updating your mailbox, check out this RISMedia blog post. It’s smart to think outside the box when deciding how to make your home stand out to potential buyers, but you also want to consider who your market of buyers is, and how much ROI value your updates will have.