Top Energy-Efficient Upgrades For Houston Homeowners

Are you thinking about adding some energy-efficient upgrades to your home this year? You’re not alone! This has become a popular trend among homeowners, and an appealing selling point among buyers. An increasing number of buyers are interested in energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly features in the home. Your KW Memorial real estate team is here to fill you in on what features buyers are looking for most right now!

  • Smart Technology – This is becoming commonplace for homes to now have home hubs, smart lighting systems, energy meters, programmable thermostats, security systems, etc. These devices can learn each homeowner’s preferences and be linked together for peak performance. They can help homeowners save money on energy bills as well. It’s amazing what can be done in the home now!
  • Solar Panels – Homes with solar panels sell for more than homes without, but it’s important to keep in mind that this technology is always changing. While buyers appreciate solar panels, the newest technology includes integrated solar roof tiles or battery storage systems. Keep up with the latest options to attract buyers and reap the most monetary rewards.
  • Natural Materials – For a more affordable option, just incorporating natural materials and furnishings into a minimalist style of decorating may attract buyers to your listing. This includes features such as untreated wood, bamboo and wicker, chemical-free paints and fabrics, and sustainably-sourced FSC certified wood. If you do have anything like this in your home, be sure to let your agent know when selling!
  • Efficient Windows/Doors – The latest energy-efficient windows offer extra panes of glass for added insulation, security and soundproofing. They can lower energy bills dramatically and are a great option for an older home. Same is true for new energy-efficient glass doors. For a cheaper option, you could add shutters or awnings to windows to minimize solar heat gain. Every little bit helps!
  • Sustainable Design – You can’t change the layout of an existing home much, but when you go to sell, you can point out design features worth noting! For example, if your home has natural shade, or shade trees, they will help your home stay cooler in the summer. Same is true of shutters or awnings, shaded patios, sunrooms with pulldown shades on the windows, etc.

Current trends suggest that eco-friendly and sustainable living is here to stay. However, the technology is constantly changing, with a new ‘latest and greatest’ option available all the time. When you make upgrades, make sure it’s something you want to invest your money in. The plus side is that most of these upgrades will save you money on your electric bills, and help you live healthier in your home!