Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Houston Home

It’s March now, which means spring is just around the corner! If you’ve got spring cleaning on the mind for your home, our Keller Williams Memorial real estate team is here to fill you in on some tips to help you succeed in your spring cleaning, and if possible, to make it more fun! Get a head start and enjoy a cleaner, more organized home this spring/summer.

  • Set the scene – Whatever this means for you, do it! If it means getting rid of distractions, like your phone or computer, leave those in a separate room. Set up a playdate for your kids. Blast your favorite playlist of music to get you pumped up. Put on your cleaning clothes. Do whatever you need to do to get into cleaning mode.
  • Enlist help – Easier said than done, but it’s always more fun and faster to clean with company! If you have a roommate, plan a cleaning day. Get your significant other involved. Get your kids involved. Throw a cleaning party for friends, with drinks and food! No one should have to clean alone, unless you live alone, or you prefer cleaning solo.
  • Have a plan – Start by designating rooms to certain people involved. If you like things a particular way in one specific room, you take that room. Have boxes or bags ready for recycle, trash, donate, reorganize, etc. After you clean, be sure to organize and get rid of anything you no longer care about. Cleaning is pointless if you’re just going to put all the clutter back!
  • Take short breaks – It’s important to eat, rehydrate and take a breather. However, the longer your breaks, the more motivation you’ll lose. Don’t get too comfy with a TV show or book. Keep at it until the job is done, or the day is over, and you’ll start up the next day. Go room by room, so if it takes longer than a day, not all your rooms are dismantled at once.
  • Keep the end in mind – Remember what your home looked like beforehand, and envision what you’d like it to look like in the end, and keep these visions in mind to motivate you. Also, have a plan in mind for when you finish. Host a game night or potluck, draw a bath, snuggle with your significant other on the clean couch, order takeout, go out for ice cream. Do whatever you consider a satisfying celebration!

For more spring cleaning tips, check out this RISMedia article. When you’re ready to buy or sell in the Houston real estate market, contact us, your Keller Williams Memorial real estate team. Selling after a deep cleaning of your home is perfect timing! But no matter what your real estate goals are, we are here to help make them happen.