Tips For An Organized Houston Home

How would you feel about starting the year off with an organized, clean and clutter-free home? Whether you’re gearing up to sell your home, or you would just desire more sanity in your daily life, there is no time like the present to get your home organized!

As your Houston real estate team, we’d like to share some simple tips that you can implement immediately. These tips come from professional home designers who know what they’re talking about!

1. Stop clutter in its tracks. Don’t let your home get cluttered to begin with! You can help prevent this by having a place for everything to go. Have a basket for shoes by the door, a tray for magazines, a wastebasket or recycle bin for junk mail, a coat tree for coats, and a bowl designated for keys.

2. Follow the one in, one out rule. Count the number of gifts you received during the holiday season. That is how many old items you have to get rid of when following the one in, one out rule. Every time you purchase something, or receive a gift, you must remove one item to make room for it!

3. Remove expired items. The holidays are a hectic time of year, so the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to go through your refrigerator, pantry and medicine cabinet, and throw away anything with a past expiration date. (Clean the shelves while they’re emptier!)

4. Clean out the closet. It’s never a bad time of year to go through the clothing in your closet and decide what you still wear and what you don’t. Try everything on and remove anything that doesn’t fit, is out of style of you just know you won’t wear again. Donate the items you remove, it’s a win-win!

5. Sweat the small stuff. Fix the little nuisances around the house that stress you out and make your home feel like a constant to-do list. Replace burnt out light bulbs, frame that piece of artwork, or find a new place for the lamp with the cord you trip over on a daily basis.

For more tips and details from home designers, check out this article from Traditional Home Magazine. Rather than dreading the process, look forward to checking off tasks from your to-do list, feeling accomplished and empowered, and living in a calmer, happier, healthier and cleaner environment!