Tips For A Stress-free Move In Houston!

Whether you’re buying a Houston home, selling your Houston home, or doing both at once, there is going to be a move involved. As your Houston real estate team, we’d like to share some tips with you on making this move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Yahoo Homes recently shared some moving tips for families, and we’d like to share some of their helpful advice here with you, along with some of our own:

  • Plan/start early. Before you buy or sell a home, you know that you’ll have to move once it happens, which gives you plenty of time to prepare. Start the process of decluttering early, and get rid of anything that isn’t essential to bring with you. Start collecting boxes from anywhere you can get your hands on some.
  • Hire sitters. If you have kids and/or pets moving with you, find a sitter for both, preferably off-site, but even on-site, so you are not distracted. There is a lot to do on moving day. Pets need to be kept safe, away from the loading process. Kids need to be kept fed and occupied. Everyone involved will thank you if you’re able to find someone to watch them that day.
  • Make space. If using a moving truck, it’s going to need space to park in your driveway or right outside your house. Plan ahead by moving cars out of the driveway and garage, or by parking cars in front of your house, as a way to save the space. If you need to get a permit to block off parking in front of your home, do that ahead of time, so there aren’t any issues that day.
  • Label everything. A box is a box, unless you label it. Do yourself a favor and clearly mark every single box. At the least, mark down which room the box belongs in. Then when you’re unloading the truck, you can have the boxes brought directly to the room that they belong in, cutting out a step later in the unpacking process.
  • Pack essentials separately. When you get to your new Houston home, all of your belongings will be packed away in boxes. It’ll take a while to unpack everything. Be sure to pack essentials, things you’ll use right away, separately, and mark the box clearly. This includes items such as pet bowls and pet food, diapers, clothes for each family member, some towels and toiletries, bedding, medications, food and favorite toys.

For more tips, check out the Yahoo Homes article about moving with families as well as research professional Houston movers to hire. When ready for help accomplishing your buying and selling goals in the Houston real estate market, contact us, your Houston real estate team! We are always ready and willing to help you out!