Take Your Houston Home Décor From Holiday To Winter

As you put away your holiday décor this week, you may feel like your home is looking a bit dull and less cozy. It doesn’t have to be that way! No matter what temperatures we’re experiencing, if you want to embrace the winter season and make your home extra cozy this time of year, you should. There are ways to take your holiday décor to winter décor with a few simple changes.

Our team at Keller Williams Memorial real estate is here to offer some suggestions, because we think that Houston homeowners should always love the feel of their home.

1. If you’ve got a natural wreath that you usually decorate with lights or ornaments for the holiday, leave it bare and display it on your front door throughout the winter season! The greenery will brighten up your door and help you incorporate touches of nature.

2. Don’t store away all of your green tones! Just like the wreath, it’s wise to realize that emerald green is a great color to accessorize with all winter long. So if your holiday décor includes velvet green pillows, candles or dishware, leave them out and enjoy all winter season.

3. Textures are also a great way to add visual layers to your home. Whether it be fluffy pillows, chunky knit blankets or a fur rug, you’ll feel warmer and cozier inside your home just looking at these pieces. Of course, if you’re chilly, they sure come in handy for curling up with a book or movie!

4. Incorporating thicker materials into your winter home is another great way to add a sense of warmth. You could replace your light, summery curtains with a heavier, darker material, or you could lay more throw rugs down on your hardwood floors. Always have a pair of slippers handy too, just in case!

5. Light is important this time of year, no matter what temperature it is outside. To light up all those dark winter hours, keep your holiday candles on display and enjoy the aromas of holiday scents, which also correlate with winter! Clean and change your bulbs too, for ample brightness in the home.

6. Create a station for hot drinks in your home, such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Whether entertaining guests or preparing for showings or open houses as a home seller, this is as great way to easily offer winter beverages to your guests. You can also enjoy them anytime you need a pick-me-up!

Enjoy the joys of the winter season, even on warm Houston days. It’s fun to switch up home décor every once in a while. You know what else is fun? Accomplishing your real estate market goals! If you’d like to buy or sell this winter season, contact us, your Keller Williams Memorial real estate team. We are here to help you accomplish your real estate goals all winter long!