Stage Your Houston Home To Sell

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If you’re gearing up to sell your home, allow us to share some staging secrets. By staging your home to sell, you might attract more potential buyers, sell it faster and sell for a higher price. Staging your home means making it look move-in-ready and appealing to the buyer.

Here are a few tips for staging your home to sell, from Zillow:

Keep the home furnished. Don’t try to sell your house empty. Even if you buy another home before selling, keep your furniture in the home as long as possible. This allows the buyer to visualize themselves living there. Plus, furnished rooms tend to look larger than empty rooms, contrary to what you might think.

Remove personal items. You’re trying to help a buyer picture themselves in the home, so you don’t want it filled with your child’s artwork and your family’s portraits. Put away all personal items, including pill bottles, personal bathroom items, papers, bills and the like. If you have any brightly colored rooms or wall murals, remove and go with neutral décor that will appeal to the majority of buyers.

Clean and declutter. Once you remove personal items, you want to remove any remaining clutter. This includes inside closets, garages, basements, cabinets and drawers, because buyers look everywhere! Once the clutter is gone, deep clean the entire house. If calling in a professional is necessary, such as for carpeting, do so. We all want to buy a clean house!

Create sense of comfort. Buyers want the house to look clean and spotless, but they also want it to look cozy and comfortable. This helps them to imagine living there. You can create this sort of atmosphere by displaying fluffy, luxurious towels in the bathroom, lots of pillows on the bed, and decorative candles on a fireplace mantel or coffee table. Add a throw blanket to the back of the couch in winter.

Create focal points. When a buyer walks into a room, you want their eyes to focus on the highlights of each room. Make sure not to block any large windows or crowd furniture around a fireplace. In these cases, less is more. Make the fireplace, or the large bay window, or the entertainment center, or the kitchen island, or the master bath soaking tub, stand out.

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