Spring Clean Your Houston Home’s Exterior

As we transition into the spring season here in Houston, that means that now is the perfect time to spring clean not only the inside of your house, but also the outside! Houston homeowners tend to forget about cleaning the outside, hoping that spring rain will do the job. As your Keller Williams Memorial real estate team, we’re here to tell you that there are lots of benefits to cleaning your home’s exterior!

It could make your home safer, raise the value, prevent issues down the road, increase your curb appeal, and impress homebuyers when you go to sell. After all, the outside is the first thing they see! Here’s a checklist of exterior spring cleaning projects to consider:

1. Clean the gutters. Debris tends to collect in the gutters over the winter season, but come spring, you need those gutters to do their job with the rain! There’s really no easier way to clean your gutters than to climb up onto a ladder and get your hands dirty. If this isn’t your thing, hire a professional! You can’t see your dirty gutters from the sidewalk, but it’s important for home safety and value.

2. Power wash the siding. The rain helps, sure, but it could also cause dirt streaks if your siding is especially dirty or dusty. Pull out the power washer and clean off your siding. Just make sure you stand at the correct distance from your house, and use the right setting, so it doesn’t pull the paint off with its power! When done, use it on walkways and your driveway.

3. Touch up the paint. If your power washer does strip some of the paint on your siding, or the paint could just use a touch-up, go around and paint over faded or stripped paint patches. Consider a whole painting overhaul if necessary. Touching up paint could also be helpful on your address numbers, mailbox, garage door, front door, etc. Take a good look at your house and determine what could use a refresher!

4. Conquer the lawn. Winter is a drab season. Bring your lawn back to life by giving your grass a good cut if need be, and then fertilizing. Do some weeding and mulching in your gardens, or if you don’t have perennials, start planning and purchasing the plants and flowers you’d like to display in your annual gardens this year. If you don’t have gardens, consider adding some potted plants for a burst of color!

Be sure to clean the windows, inside and out, so you can see your beautiful property after it’s all cleaned up! Once you get through these steps, you can spend some time enjoying your front porch or patio.

If you want to sell your home, cleaning up the exterior will help you attract buyers. Curb appeal is key! If you have home-selling or home-buying questions for our Keller Williams Memorial team, or if you’re ready to get started on the buying or selling process in the Houston real estate market, contact us! We’re here and ready to help!