Smart Deck Upgrades For Your Houston Home

While much of the country is gearing up for cold seasons ahead, Houston is preparing to enjoy beautiful weather outdoors throughout the fall and most of winter! As your Houston real estate team, we suggest upgrading your deck now, so that you have a beautiful backyard to enjoy all year long. Plus, when it comes time for you to sell your Houston home, smart upgrades to your deck will increase your home’s value.

HouseLogic shared some deck upgrade ideas that are sure to provide you with a return on investment when it comes time to sell. In fact, a wood deck project returns an average of 80.5 percent of the investment cost, which is one of the highest values surveyed!

Here are some ideas they suggest:

1. Hidden Fasteners. Nails are prone to pop out over time, so deck screws are the new rage. However, these cover the deck with rows of pockmarks and may have splintered edges, so the smarter option is hidden fasteners. These hold deck planks down while leaving the surface sleek. There are many design options to choose from for fasteners.

2. Planters. Planters add style, character and visual appeal to a deck. You have lots of options. Built-in versions often blend in with the decking material. They can separate seating areas from cooking areas. They can add privacy if planted with tall plants, such as grasses or a small tree. Aside from built-ins, you have the option of ceramic or cement pots, hanging planters or planters that attach to a railing.

3. Cable Railings. These are a great option for anyone that has a beautiful view from their Houston home and doesn’t want it hidden with wooden deck railings. Stainless steel cables can be attached between posts, which look great and preserves the view. The cost is expensive to install, so try doing it yourself if you’re handy. If not, consider using these only where the view is important.

4. Shade Sails. If you’re looking for a way to cool down your deck from the sun, shade sails are a great option. They are made of UV-resistant polyethylene knit fabric, come in different shapes and come in a variety of colors. They diffuse the light but still allow light into windows adjacent to the deck! They also gently rise and fall in the breeze, adding aerial appeal to the area.

These are just some deck upgrade options you have that will provide you with a deck to be proud of, and a return on investment when it comes time to sell your home! Take advantage of the beautiful weather that Houston has in store for you in the coming months.

When ready to accomplish any real estate goals in the Houston real estate market, whether as a seller or buyer, contact us, your Houston real estate team! We’d love to help!