Selling Your Houston Home With Toddlers

If you are going to sell your home this summer, and you have young children involved, it could feel tricky! How do you clean, organize and stage your home with toys everywhere? How do you prepare to leave at a moment’s notice for showings? Your KW Memorial real estate team is here to offer you some suggestions!

Here’s how to make your home-selling process run smoothly, even with toddlers around:

  • Stock up on storage bins. The easiest way to hide your children’s toys, clothes, gear, artwork, etc. during the home-selling process is to organize it in easy-to-grab plastic storage bins with lids. Spend some time cleaning out your closets, so you have space for storage bins labeled with what is in each one. These can easily be accessed daily, but are also easy to store away when needed.
  • Redecorate children’s spaces. If you’re serious about selling your home, and quickly, consider redecorating your children’s bedrooms or toy rooms. If they are painted a bright color, paint them a neutral color. Store away the toys and belongings in bins as much as possible, and stage the rooms with some furnishings that do not look age specific. This will help attract more buyers.
  • Create a cleaning plan for showings. The more you plan ahead, the easier it’ll be to leave the house when a showing is scheduled. Determine what you’ll need to do in the home beforehand, such as putting the kids’ belongings in the storage bins, sweeping up crumbs, emptying the diaper pail and so on, and run through it to see how long it will take. Tell your agent how long you need to prepare before a showing, such as two hours.
  • Create an outing plan. Once your Houston home is ready for a showing or open house, it’s time for you to head out for a while with the kids. Determine ahead of time where you will go, such as a local park, children’s museum, ice cream parlor, friend’s house, etc. Prepare a bag of stuff beforehand, with toys, diapers, snacks, beverages and whatever else you or your children may need during that time. Then you can just grab it and go before a showing!

Having young children involved during a home sale can seem tricky, but with enough preparation ahead of time, you can pull it off nicely. Fill your kids in on what is happening as well, and find fun ways for them to help out. They’ll feel involved and important, and that’s never a bad thing.

When ready to sell your home in the Houston real estate market, contact us, your Keller Williams Memorial real estate team! We are here and ready to guide you through the entire home-selling process this summer.