Sell Your Houston Home This Holiday Season!

If you are wanting to sell your home, but think you have to wait until spring now, think again! While real estate activity does typically drop at this time of year, that doesn’t mean that buyers aren’t out. Serious buyers want to buy before mortgages rate go up, and so they can score tax benefits this year.

Also, some buyers may hope to relocate during the holidays, especially if kids have off for break. The Keller Williams Memorial real estate team is here to help you with your home-selling process, now or any time of year! The Houston real estate market never stops, and therefore, neither do we. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to sell now.

If you’re not convinced, here are a few of the perks for sellers who sell during the holiday season:

If you’ve got time off during the holidays, it’s a great time for you to sell, pack up and move. It gets dark early in the winter, but during the holiday season, you can light up your home with holiday lights and decorations! This can put your home in an attractive spotlight.

Holiday décor can help you out inside as well. Steer away from overly personal décor and photos, and stick to a neutral tree, wreaths, candles, etc. Show buyers how cozy your home is!

You can create blackout dates when you don’t want your home shown, such as Christmas Eve/Day and New Year’s Eve/Day, or whatever dates you don’t want to worry about visitors. So don’t let that fear stop you from listing now!

The closing process may happen faster during the holiday season, because there isn’t as much activity. Lenders, attorneys, home inspectors and agents all have more time to help you and get your paperwork through with fewer buyers and sellers to work with.

If you want to sell so you can move up to a bigger or more expensive home, now may be the best time for you to do so! Mortgage rates are expected to increase, so join the serious buyers out there and achieve your real estate goals before it’s too late.

Like we said, if you want to sell your home now, don’t hesitate to contact the Keller Williams Memorial team! We are here and ready to help you achieve your home-selling and home-buying goals year-round in the Houston real estate market. You must have a reason for wanting to sell, so why put it off? Give yourself the gift of achieving your real estate goals for the holidays!