Relaxing Paint Colors For Your Houston Home

If you’ve got a stressful job, there’s nothing worse than coming home to a stressful home environment as well! KW Memorial is here to offer you tips for turning your home’s atmosphere into a more relaxing, peaceful one. Not only will you benefit, but a potential buyer might appreciate this as well!

The first step to de-stressing your home environment is to declutter. Clutter is chaos, and therefore it creates chaos in the mind. Studies have showing that having a clutter-free, organized and clean home can help you feel happier and more relaxed.

Another step to consider is painting some of the rooms in your home with colors that promote relaxation and feelings of peace! House Beautiful recently shared 16 colors known to do that:

  • Mauve – It’s graceful and subtle and sets a great tone for a dining room.
  • Tan – This soft shade creates a feeling of coziness, like a warm glow of candlelight. It’s great for a living room.
  • Deep Blue – It’s tranquil, but also exciting, and can create calmness and confidence. Be brave and use it in a kitchen, or it’d also be great for an office.
  • Mist Gray – This fog-like color would give a sitting area a quiet sophistication. Great for a living room, family room or office. Try meditating with it.
  • Coral – Warm and inviting, it’s similar to the glow of the sun. It feels like a retreat! Try it in a bedroom, kitchen or dining room. It’s great for entertaining spaces.
  • Purple – Purple is known to be relaxing when talking of darker color options. You sink into the color like you’d sink into a comfortable couch. It opens up space as well. Try it in a bedroom.
  • Blue-Gray – This could remind you of the quietness of a rainy day. It’s a great color for a refuge room, such as living room or library. Combine it with richer hues of blue or gray.
  • Light Green – This green shade gives you the feeling of fading light on a summer afternoon. Imagine it on a veranda, in a bathroom or in a laundry room.
  • Celestial Blue – This color is light and subtle enough to look good paired with any other color. With floral patterns, your room would feel like a garden. Great for a living room, bedroom or bathroom.

For more of House Beautiful’s options, along with example rooms painted with each color, check out the article. Which is your favorite color? Where would you put it in your home? Share!