Protect Your Smart Home Technology In Houston

Smart home technology is all the rage among homeowners right now, especially younger, newer buyers. It opens the doors to new technological advances and possibilities. With smart homes, Houston homeowners can use voice control to get chores done, or control much of their home’s technology from one device. You can see the lure! However, smart home technology could also cause intruders or hackers.

If you incorporate the latest technology into your home, there are steps you can take to keep it safer from the possibility of hackers. As your Houston real estate team, we are here to share some of these tips with you:

  • Use strong passwords. When it comes to modern technology, the best trick against hackers is having a strong password for your devices. Use a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Change the passwords every few months or each time you add a new device.
  • Be selective. Don’t jump on adding every new device to your home! Do research to see how safe and reliable each new piece of technology is. Stick to brands you know and trust. Read reviews from other users online. Talk to a cybersecurity or smart home professional for advice.
  • Keep technology updated. Smart devices are constantly being updated to increase performance, remove bugs and improve safety. An older version of a device makes it easier for hackers to attack, as the firmware is more vulnerable. Set a reminder to check each device around your home for updates.
  • Watch Wi-Fi. Use a private home network that has a strong password and network protection. Using public networks makes your devices easier to hack. In fact, security experts actually recommend that you have a private network for your smart home devices separate from your home computer network.
  • Turn off devices. When devices aren’t being used, turn them off and unplug! This not only saves you energy, but it gives hackers fewer opportunities to find a way in. It’s okay to leave items like thermostats and refrigerators plugged in, but items like TVs and wireless printers can be shut down at night.

For more details on how to keep your smart home technology safe from hackers and intruders, check out this RISMedia article. Smart homes are a great way to live, if you do it right!

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