Prepare Your Houston Home For A Walkthrough

As your Houston real estate team, we want to make sure that you know how important it is to clean, organize, declutter and stage your Houston home when selling. However, once you do all that, it’s equally important to keep your home clean while having walkthroughs and showings!

To help you prepare for walkthroughs at a moment’s notice, here are some great tips, broken down by room, from RISMedia:

In the bedroom, this will take 6-10 minutes:

  • Remake your beds by stripping off sheets and replacing them with new sheets, corners tucked.
  • Take any clutter off nightstands, dressers, the floor or in closets and hide it in drawers, under the bed or anywhere out of sight. (Keep this clutter to a minimum to begin with, though!)

Wipe down furniture with a Swiffer or damp cloth and vacuum the visible floor.

  • In the bathroom, this will take 7-10 minutes:
  • Wipe down the sink, toilet and shower/tub with a bathroom cleaner, and scrub the toilet bowl with a cleaner and toilet brush. Clean the mirror with a glass cleaner.
  • Use a mop to quickly clean the floor in your bathroom. At the very least, sweep the floor and empty the trash can.

In the living room and dining room, this will take 7-10 minutes:

  • Clear the clutter. Put away any magazines, throw blankets, toys and other miscellaneous items in boxes, drawers or storage bins stowed away in the closet.
  • Dust all the tables, fireplace mantels, window blinds, etc. Vacuum the floor and carpeting. Use glass cleaner to clean windows and any mirrors or glass furnishings.

In the kitchen, this will take 12-15 minutes:

  • Remove clutter on the counters and table area.
  • Clean the counters, cabinets and appliances by wiping them down with a cleaner and cloth.
  • Load the dishwasher with any dishes that are in your sink, strainer or on the table.
  • Sweep up crumbs with a broom, and then go over the floor with a mop or wet Swiffer cloth.

In less than an hour, you should have your Houston home ready to be shown to potential Houston homebuyers! The cleaner you keep it on a daily basis, the less you’ll have to do last minute.

Ready to sell your Houston home? Ready to buy a Houston home? Give us a call! As your Houston real estate team, we are here and ready to help you in any way we can this summer.