Powerlister Deluxe

Are you looking to switch up your real estate business and work for a new agency? Are you new to the industry and looking for the right brokerage? Allow us to introduce you to Keller Williams Memorial! When you work in our KW office, you receive many perks. Today, we’d like to talk about one of our Exclusive Marketing Tools available to you, KW PowerLister!

If you already work in the real estate industry, do you currently use a professional listing presentation? Attractive, professional listing presentations win over clients! However, if done poorly, they could also lose you potential home-selling clients. You need to convince the seller that you are the best real estate professional for the job, which means you must come off looking professional, experienced and likable.

Having a listing presentation is especially important for newer agents, who might not have all the answers and the smooth speech down yet. It’s also great for agents who are introverted, shy or less socially skilled. The presentation can help guide you through the listing appointment with excellent content, presentation and professionalism. You want to impress the seller, and to educate them, especially if the seller is new to the process.

Here at KW Memorial, we have a customizable, web-based listing presentation builder to help you out! Our agents can choose from more than 50 pages of content that highlight the advantages of working with a KW Memorial agent, but that also allow you to build custom pages to highlight your unique value proposition. If you’re a new agent, you could also opt to use a scripted version that delivers great results.

In fact, we tracked a group of newly licensed agents from December 2013 to February 2014 to review their success on listing presentations. Within those 60 days, these agents got 87 percent of the listings when they used KW PowerLister! That proves that our PowerLister has a very high success rate among our agents.

We are always in the process of improving the Exclusive Marketing Tools that we offer our agents as well, which is why we are in the process of launching a new and improved version of PowerLister that was designed by the Houston Advertising Agency 5+8. Our presentation building platform allows agents to choose their preferred company logo, and to upload their own logos for co-branding purposes. There are also additional pages to choose from for agents that are certified to work in our Luxury and International Real Estate Divisions.

Our KW PowerLister is just one of many Exclusive Marketing Tools available to our agents! Stay tuned to learn about other tools available to you, and the perks to working with KW Memorial.

For more information about a career at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, contact team leader Michael Bossart at 713-461-9393.