6 Misleading Tips You Shouldn’t Follow to Declutter Your Houston Home

Cluttered room

6 Misleading Tips You Shouldn’t Follow to Declutter Your Houston Home


Now that the holidays are over, I’m sure that you are ready to declutter your home and get it back to looking clean and organized! If you are ready to begin the home-selling process in the Houston real estate market, it is especially important to organize, clean and declutter your home for a home sale.

As your local team of Houston real estate agents, we’ve shared many blog posts that are stocked with decluttering and organizing tips. Today, we’d like to discuss some common organization tips that you’ve probably heard over the years, and maybe even followed, but that are actually not helping your home look organized.

See if you make any of these organizing mistakes in your home:

Tidy Doesn’t Mean Organized

If you stack all of your clutter into neat piles all around the house, this doesn’t mean your house is organized. You must actually conquer the piles! Work on finding a designated place for each type of item in your home, and get rid of the rest.

No One Reads Refrigerator Messages

If your refrigerator is loaded with invitations, artwork, photos, letters, magnets and more, it looks cluttered and messy. Plus, once you get used to the way it looks, you won’t notice the messages anyway. Designate a separate area for notes and reminders.

Stuffing Cabinets and Closets

It’s easy to stuff clutter into places where you can’t see it. However, when you sell your home, buyers will look inside everything. When you start your cleaning process, it’d be smart to start with closets and cabinets, to really take stock of what you have and what you can get rid of.

Having a Messy Entryway

The entryway is the first part of the interior that potential buyers will see. You want to make a great for impression! Organize the coat closet so that there is actually space for people’s coats, and have a shoe rack or basket, to make sure shoes look organized and floors are clean.

Stocking up on Storage Bins

When wanting to organize, many homeowners spend a lot of money on visually appealing storage bins, but then you end up with cluttered bins. It’s smarter to use containers you already have around the house, and to organize the contents inside each one.

Buying Organizing Stuff First

To go along with the last point, it’s wisest to declutter first, then buy organizing tools. If you buy them first, you’ll end up with more clutter all at once, and you’ll feel overwhelmed. Get rid of what you can, and buy organizers based on what is left.

For more great home organizing tips, check out this HGTV article! When it comes down to it, there are no smart shortcuts. The best way to organize is to really dive into your clutter, and to find a designated place for everything that you end up keeping. The winter months are a great time to do so!

When ready to sell your home, or buy a new house, contact us! We are your Houston real estate agents standing by to help you with all of your goals this year.