Make Your Houston Home More Pet Friendly!

If you are selling your home this summer, it’d be wise to make your listing more pet-friendly. After all, 61 percent of American households have a pet! There’s a good chance that potential buyers either have a pet, or plan to get one. One perk to owning a home is the freedom to own pets.

As your Houston real estate team, we want to help you sell your home as smoothly and quickly as you can, for a great price. If pointing out what makes your home pet-friendly will help with this, why not include it in your listing? In recent data, this is the power pets have on the real estate industry:

  • 89 percent of pet owners said they would not give up a pet due to a housing restriction
  • 81 percent of Americans said their pet plays a role in their housing situation
  • 31 percent of animal owners have chosen to not put an offer on a home because it wasn’t a good fit for their animal
  • 19 percent of Americans said they would consider moving for the sake of their pet
  • 12 percent have, indeed, moved for their pet

We live in a world of animal lovers! A whopping 99 percent of pet owners say they consider their animal to be family, and 95 percent believe it’s important for a housing community to allow animals. With statistics like these, how could you go wrong with pointing out pet-friendly features in your home listing?

Here’s a few ways to attract pet owners with your listing:

1. Point out a fenced backyard. While anyone with kids or pets will appreciate this, you could make a point to mention that this is ideal for families and pet owners! Ninety-one percent of pet owners ranked this as the most important feature to accommodate a pet.

2. Point out local dog attractions. In the listing, mention nearby trails, which pet owners and non-pet owners will appreciate. You could also mention dog parks and dog beaches in the area, if they are close to your Houston home. Seventy-one percent of pet owners ranked this as important.

3. Name local pet businesses. This could include proximity to veterinarians, groomers and pet supply stores. Thirty-one percent of pet owners named this as important when choosing a home.

4. List any pet-friendly updates. Did you have a doggie door installed recently? Add that to your list of home upgrades! New home builders are actually starting to install retractable pet gates as a standard home feature.

Americans love their pets, so why not use this to your advantage as a home seller? When ready to sell, contact us! We are here and ready to help make your home-selling goals become a reality in the Houston real estate market this summer.