Make Your Houston Home Look Bigger And Brighter With Staging

When it comes time to sell your Houston home, you want it to look clean, uncluttered and organized, neutral, modern and move-in ready. These are all steps in the staging process. As your Houston realtor, I’ll add in a bonus tip. When staging your home to sell, you want to make your home look as large and as bright as possible, too!

To help your Houston home appear larger, here are some tips to incorporate from RISMedia:

  • Highlight windows. Don’t block any windows or doors with furniture. Make sure that when potential Houston homebuyers walk into your home, they can see the windows and doors, and they can see the views outside. During the day, make sure all blinds and curtains are open, so ample natural lighting can shine through. When it’s nice outside, open the doors and windows for added appeal. Turn on all the lights in the house. Added brightness helps make rooms look larger, too.
  • Declutter. It is so vital that you remove anything that isn’t a necessity in each room of your Houston home. The more clutter you have, the smaller your home looks. Remove appliances from kitchen countertops, unless you use them daily, like a coffee maker or toaster. Remove any clothing, shoes or accessories from closets that you haven’t worn in six months. Remove nostalgic and personal items around the house, such as photos and drawings hanging on the refrigerator door.
  • Neutralize. After removing clutter, personal items and décor from the rooms of your Houston home, neutralize the space, so that Houston homebuyers can imagine living in your home. You want your home to appeal to the majority of people, and bright, neutral colors tend to make rooms look bigger. Repaint your walls white or versions of off-white, tan or beige. You could always add pops of color with accessories.

To help your Houston home appear brighter, here are some tips to incorporate from Popsugar:

  • Hang warm-weather art. This just so happens to fit in perfectly with our warm Houston temperatures! A beach scene makes a space feel brighter, even on a cloudy day.
  • Display open shelves. Open shelving adds depth to a room, and it forces you to declutter all of your cabinets and shelves, so that everything is displayed neatly.
  • Add mirrors. Hanging a mirror can visually expand a room, and it reflects light from the windows you have open. Mirrors can make rooms look bigger and brighter.

These staging tips will get you well on your way to having a bigger and brighter Houston home to show off this spring selling season! When you’re ready to sell your Houston area home, or you have questions, contact me, your Houston are realtor! I am here to help!