Let Us Help You Sell Your Houston Home!

Now is a great time to sell your Houston home! Home prices are up, inventory is down, and mortgage rates are still low, so buyers are still eager to buy. Because of this, home sales are up in almost every price range. As your Houston real estate team, we say sell now, and let us help you!

Just because the Houston real estate market is in the favor of Houston home sellers, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a professional’s help. Check out these five reasons why you should not for-sale-by-owner (FSBO), according to KCM Crew:

  • Negotiations. Unless you’re a professional negotiator, like we are, you won’t be prepared for all the people you have to negotiate with. This includes potential buyers who want a deal, the buyer’s agent who is on the side of the buyer, the home inspection companies, the appraiser and more. Each negotiation is important, or you could lose out on money.
  • Exposure. Studies show that a whopping 88 percent of buyers search online for a home. As your Houston real estate team, we can get your home seen all over the internet, in all the places that Houston homebuyers search. Many times, you need an agent in order to list on certain MLS listing sites. If you don’t work with an agent, you lose out on a lot of exposure.
  • Results. Not only do 88 percent of buyers search online, but once a buyer actually chooses the home they are going to purchase, studies show that the largest percent buy a home that they found on the internet. The days of selling with a yard sign and a newspaper ad are gone. Having a strong internet strategy is crucial.
  • Paperwork. The paperwork involved in selling a Houston home is through the roof. It has dramatically increased over the years, with more disclosures and regulations involved. This is one of the main reasons that the number of home sellers to sell FSBO has dropped. By working with a Houston real estate team, you know that all of the paperwork will be handed to you and nothing will be overlooked.
  • Money. The whole point of selling your Houston home is to get as much money out of the transaction as possible, right? Well, you actually make more money by working with an agent! Homes sold by an agent typically sell for $235,000 while homes sold FSBO typically sell for $208,000. Thanks to negotiation skills and internet strategies, agents know how to price your home correctly.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to work with us, your Houston real estate team. When ready to sell your Houston home, give us a call!