Charity Casino Night

KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor are teams, families even, of close-knit agents here and ready to support each other and help one another out when needed. That is why last month, on June 10, we held a Charity Casino Night fundraiser for Dottie Brannon. Dottie is currently fighting a battle with breast cancer, and her family of KW Memorial agents want to help her out. Dottie has been a KW Memorial agent since 2009.

The theme of casino night was 007, with Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack and Bingo available for all to play and enjoy! We also had a slew of food, drinks and prizes for everyone who attended and participated. Local businesses donated items for our raffle, which was an awesome way to bring together the entire Houston community in honor of Dottie.

The amazing prizes that were awarded included an Apple Watch and a Fit Bit. Starkey Mortgage and Debbie Cash provided a wine tool kit and wine package. K.Hovnanian Homes provided an awesome gift basket. iFLY Houston provided a gift card for two flight passes. Jimmy Loyd Photography provided a gift certificate for one headshot session. This is just an example of the many raffle prizes awarded to KW Memorial team members that night!

Some of our team members went above and beyond the call of duty. Mike Boucher, one of our KW Memorial agents, donated $1 for every agent in the office, which equaled $527. He asked every agent to put in $1 to match. Movement Mortgage did the same, with a $527 donation. Agent matching participation came out to $535. Together, that equaled $1,589, and with KW Cares Match x 4, it came out to $6,356. That was before the fundraiser even began!

When all was said and done, KW Energy Corridor and KW Memorial raised about $10,000 for Dottie! After KW Cares matched that x 4, we were able to donate $40,000 to her. While this can’t unburden her from the battle she’s facing, it will help with the financial burden of cancer treatments and will hopefully ease her stress levels. We support Dottie and are keeping her in our thoughts, always!

Check out some photos from the event:

If you are interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor, contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!