In-house Attorney

Here at KW Energy Corridor and KW Memorial, we believe that bigger is better! Working for a real estate company as large as ours allows us to provide an in-house attorney to our real estate agents. This is a perk that you won’t often find with other real estate companies!

We are fortunate to have Jack Hawthorne on our team as our in-house attorney! Jack started out in the metal fabricator and machinist industry and quickly realized he didn’t want to continue down that line of work. So, he transitioned into law school and started a firm that handled divorce and real estate cases. After some time, Jack sold the firm to a larger firm and joined a law firm that specialized in defending real estate agents and brokers.

After working there for about two years, Jack decided it was time for a change again. He started developing an in-house counsel position. To prepare for this position, Jack sold real estate for about six months, where he learned the business from the inside out!

“I absolutely love my job and have the privilege of knowing I have helped hundreds of people every day,” Jack said. “Clients are getting deals closed that wouldn’t close otherwise, and agents are making money they would not have made otherwise.”

An in-house attorney can help real estate agents in all sorts of situations. For example, Jack can help when an agent and their client need to put very specific contractual language into the contract to get a deal done. The agent is not allowed to do that, and the client is often not capable of doing so. Jack is able to draft all of the contract language to make the deal work for all parties. He said this happens at least once a week!

Another example is when an agent on the other side is improperly advising their client. As a KW Memorial or KW Energy Corridor agent, you have the ability to send a no-arguments statement of fact from an attorney over to the other agent on how they are wrong and why they are going to do it the right way. This allows you to avoid dealing with bad agents who give bad advice. Jack said this happens several times a day!

“Having an attorney who specializes in real estate is invaluable for you and your clients,” Jack said. “On average, I have over 180 phone conversations a day and hundreds of emails. You have an attorney who works realtor hours, who is available to answer your contract, transaction or real estate questions promptly and without a charge to you or your client. I care about the agents and their business and work to help them succeed.”

We are so lucky to have Jack on our team at KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor! Here’s what a couple of our agents had to say about using Jack in their real estate business:

Wendy Cline: “I market the convenient and professional advice provided by Jack Hawthorne as much as I market Keller Williams as a brokerage. The innovative ideas for agents, buyers and sellers provided by Michael Bossart were a huge factor in my team switching from another big brokerage last year. I have used Jack Hawthorne’s services and on the spot legal direction. The process of buying and selling can bring many legal questions to light and Jack Hawthorne’s ability to provide immediate advice puts my clients at ease! Having Jack Hawthorne at Keller Williams Memorial is one more reason that KW Memorial excels in our industry!”

Joseph Diosana: “When I heard that our office was hiring legal counsel, I was very excited because we now can have full confidence in the legal implications of our contracts and also serve our clients much better in the future. I have already seen the immediate benefit for several of my recent contracts. He brings peace of mind as well as confidence because of his expertise and legal knowledge. I am also grateful that he was a practicing realtor so he knows the issues we run into. I am so grateful to the leadership for choosing to add Jack to our office offerings.”

If you are interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor, contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!