How To Organize & Decorate Your Houston Home For Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Is your home prepared to host a Thanksgiving meal this week? If not, we are your local real estate agents, here for the rescue! Hosting a holiday meal for family or friends is a lot of work. Whether you love to host, or you got stuck with the job, it’ll feel a lot more pleasing if you are happy with the way your home looks. It will also help if your home is efficiently ready to serve.

To help you out, first, here is a list of ways to organize your kitchen refrigerator, to get it ready for hosting Thanksgiving and all the food that comes with it:

  • If you’ve got snacks and appetizers that you want your guests to eat first, put then in the front of the middle rack. This is where food that needs to be eaten first should go, as it is near eye-level. That way, your guests can serve themselves these snacks while you’re busy cooking! After Thanksgiving, this is where leftovers should go that need to be eaten.
  • To make room for all of the Thanksgiving food, take out food items that don’t even need to be refrigerated. This includes fresh eggs from a local farm (store-bought need to be refrigerated), ketchup, vinegar, jam, mayonnaise, butter, tomatoes, onions, garlic, honey and potatoes. These can all be stored in a pantry, cabinet, or on the counter if using for Thanksgiving cooking.
  • Once everyone has eaten, store Thanksgiving leftovers in rectangle or square containers rather than circular ones, as you can fit more this way. If you are freezing leftovers, keep similar items in a bin, such as side dishes, rather than having a bunch of separate bags or containers floating around.
  • Line your refrigerator shelves with plastic placemats, as it is likely that you will experience a few spills. This will make cleaning a lot easier! Also, store red meat, seafood and any other drippy foods on the bottom shelf, so the drips have nowhere else to spread.

Once you make these preparations to your refrigerator, next comes the fun part for some: Decorating! Whether you’re crafty or not, you can pull off some of these DIY table setting ideas for Thanksgiving:

  • Paint a long piece of wood with chalkboard paint and you now have a chalkboard table runner! Place pumpkins or candles on top and draw little designs as you see fit with chalk.
  • Paint pumpkins, pinecones or gourds with metallic silver or gold paint to give them a fancier feel! You are sticking with the season, but improving the visual appeal.
  • If you have enough small pumpkins laying around, stencil one letter onto each pumpkin to spell out THANKS, FAMILY or whatever else Thanksgiving means to you.

For more ideas, check out this This Old House article. For more refrigerator tips, check out this HouseLogic article.

Good luck with hosting and enjoy your holiday! As always, our team of real estate agents is standing by to help you achieve all of your home-buying or home-selling goals in the Houston real estate market, so contact us as soon as you are ready to get started!