How To Increase Home Value As Houston Seller

If you’re ready to sell your home, you might want to consider upping your home value! There are simple ways for you to do this at the last minute, before professional photos are taken for your listing. As trusted real estate agents, we are here to fill you in on some of the best, most affordable ways to do so.

Curb Appeal – First impressions matter as a home seller. Often, the first photo potential buyers’ see of your home is the exterior! It’s also the first thing they’ll see when they arrive for a showing or open house. You want it to look clean, updated and welcoming.

Tips: Sweep the walkway, trim your landscaping, power wash your exterior and consider updating your front door, garage door, fence, mailbox or address numbers if they look outdated or worn. A fresh coat of paint works wonders, too!

Bathrooms: Upgraded bathrooms and kitchens tend to wow buyers the most, so focus on these key areas. Small cosmetic changes can make a big difference, so don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on a full bathroom remodel.

Tips: Replace frosted glass with clear glass, update sink or shower fixtures, or put up new wallpaper or paint to make the bathroom look more modern. Other smart ideas include re-grouting tile, replacing the vanity with a modern one, or buying a new toilet seat, if you have more money to work with.

Kitchen – Like we said, bathrooms and kitchens are key! The kitchen is the hub of most homes, where families eat dinner and guests are entertained. You want it to look clean, warm and inviting, without spending a fortune on a remodel.

Tips: Clean the surface of your appliances, and make sure they all work properly. Consider updating the cabinet doors, or give them a coat of paint. Other smart upgrades include light fixtures and faucets. Decide what is the most outdated and upgrade it. A fresh coat of neutral paint goes far as well.

Lighting – The brighter your interior appears to a buyer, the more appealing it is. Bright rooms also tend to look larger and more open.

Tips: Be sure to open all of the blinds and curtains for showings and photos, and to clean all the windows. If you have dated chandeliers or lamps, replace them with newer options. Consider increasing the wattage in dark rooms as well.

Layout – How you lay out a room has a major impact on how buyers will view it. This is where staging your home to sell comes into play. You want it to look move-in ready for any personality type, and you want it to look clean and spacious.

Tips: Remove clutter, and remove any personal belongings, such as family photos and kids’ artwork. Rearrange the furniture in a way that will make each room look as spacious as possible. If you have a spare room that you use as an office, den, etc., consider turning it into a bedroom when selling.

These are some great tips to get you started on increase the value of our home before selling! When ready to sell, or for more home-selling tips, contact us. We are a team of dedicated real estate agents, standing by to help you with all of your home-selling needs.