How To Care For Hardwood Floors As Houston Homeowner

Do you prefer hardwood floors in your home? You’re not alone if you do! Most homeowners prefer hardwood flooring in the main living areas of their home, and carpet in the bedrooms. However, there are certain steps you should take to keep your hardwood looking pristine. Our Keller Williams Memorial real estate team is here to fill you in.

Hardwood floors get scratched, but those can be sanded and refinished easily. The most important thing to keep in mind when living in Houston is that hardwood and moisture don’t mix. Too much moisture can cause wood warp, discoloration, cupping, buckling, mold and rotting.

Here are a few steps to keep your hardwood floors from getting too moist or damaged:

  • Dehumidify – When it’s super humid in Houston, it’s wise to invest in a dehumidifier for your home. This sucks out access moisture before it can damage your floors.
  • AC – On extra hot or humid days, keep the air conditioner running. Your electric bill may be higher, but your floors will last longer! AC works as a humidifier, as does heat when it’s cold outside. Both tend to dry out the house.
  • Sun protection – The Houston sun can get hot! Even in the winter, sun rays can shine through your windows and actually ‘tan’ your hardwood, just like your skin. Only the sun tends to lighten wood. When no one is home, keep the blinds closed in rooms with hardwood.
  • Furniture – If you like to change things up in your home, that’s good! Rearranging your furniture every so often is a good idea in rooms with hardwood, as leaving furniture in the same places for too long can cause uneven aging. Don’t drag furniture, though. Lift when possible.
  • Shoes – Have a shoes-off-at-the-door policy in your home! Shoes can drag in moisture along with dirt and damaging objects that could scratch the wood. Have an obvious shoe rack for guests. On a daily basis, walk around barefoot or in socks!
  • Renew – If your floors have dealt with some wear and tear over the years, consider calling in professionals to renew your floors, especially if selling. This could help with home value!

When ready to buy, sell or both this holiday season in the Houston real estate market, contact us! Our Keller Williams Memorial team is standing by, ready to help at any time of the year, and the holidays are no exception. If you want to accomplish your real estate goals by year’s end, don’t hesitate to give us a call!