Houston Home Sellers, Here’s What Buyers Fall In Love With

As a home seller, it’s wise to know what home features will instantly attract potential buyers. After all, first impressions matter significantly in real estate. As your Houston real estate team, we want to fill you in on some of the features that buyers have been known to fall in love with most, so you can capture the beauty of your own home’s features in a way that will make buyers swoon.

Realtor.com created a list of home features that real buyers claim were the first reasons they fell in love with the home they ended up buying. Here are a few of their answers:

1. Front Door – This comes as no surprise to us, as an upgraded front door yields the highest return on investment of any home upgrade out there! Plus, the front door stands out in the first photo that buyer see of a home, and they stare right at it when visiting in person.

Create your own ‘wow’ factor by upgrading your front door with a Dutch door, double doors with transom windows, or an antique door. You could also just paint it a bright but complimentary color, or stain wood to patch the outside railing or inside hardwood.

2. High Ceilings – If you’ve got vaulted ceilings, great! Make sure this is mentioned in your listing, and that the photos do the ceilings justice. If you don’t, you can still make your ceiling look taller by painting your entryway walls and ceiling white, by hanging wall art lower than average, or by hanging a mirror low enough to catch a window reflection.

Also, pay attention to your windows. During showings and open houses, keep window treatments open, or eliminate window coverings altogether, as they make windows appear smaller. This in turn could make a whole room seem smaller.

3. Standing Out – If you live in a neighborhood where every other home looks exactly the same, make yours stand out. Outside, you can accomplish this with a fresh coast of exterior paint, perhaps different than your neighbors, new trim, and a new front door, all in different but complimentary colors.

You could also accomplish this by adding unique architectural features to your exterior, such as window shutters, flower boxes, new light fixtures, updated house numbers or mailbox, brick paver driveway, updated garage door and so on.

Other features that made buyers fall in love included privacy and ‘good bones.’ Check out the Realtor.com article for more details.

Need help deciding what upgrades to make in your home before selling, or which features to accentuate most in a listing? Contact us! We are a team of experienced real estate agents in Houston, ready and willing to help you through the entire home-selling process. Don’t hesitate to call!