Houston Home Organization Tips For Families

If your home’s organization is suffering now that school is back in session, you’re not alone. The sudden influx of early mornings, homework assignments, backpacks and sports gear is enough to send any homeowner’s space into disarray. The Keller Williams Memorial team is here to offer some suggestions!

The more prepared each room of your house is for kids, clutter and chaos, the less you’ll have to worry about. Here are some suggestions that Inman News offered for some major rooms in your home:

  • Bathroom – If your kids share a bathroom, consider upgrading it with dual sinks. This isn’t just for a master bathroom anymore! This allows each kid space at the sink. Add plenty of baskets and bins for each person’s toiletries and this could help prevent stuff from cluttering all areas of the sink. For the shower, consider a handheld sprayer for easy height adjustment. Pour shampoo and conditioner into pump bottles for less mess and fewer bottles. Decorate with kid-friendly décor like towels, rugs and shower curtain. Steer away from child-height amenities, as they will outgrow them. Invest in stepping stools instead.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is the hub of the home. Add an oversized island to your kitchen for easy seating and cleanup for breakfast and after-school snacks. Leave the table for family dinner and homework time. Consider a built-in desk for storing school papers and homework, but use a filing system to keep them all organized, or you’re sure to misplace a field trip permission slip somewhere along the way!
  • Mudroom – Mudrooms are beloved by parents all over the country now! Either build one into your home, or outfit a traditional foyer to act as a mudroom. You need organized space for shoes, backpacks, athletic equipment, jackets, etc. At school, kids use lockers or cubbies. It is wise to replicate this design in your mudroom or foyer. Add benches, lockers or cubbies to your space, and color-code them for each person. This is a place where all of each person’s items can be stored. At the least, add separators in the coat closet so each child’s items remain together.

The Inman News article even suggests having dual laundry rooms, one upstairs and one down. For more tips and suggestions, check out the article in its entirety.

We hope these tips will help you feel more organized at your home as the school year unfolds. When ready to buy or sell in the Houston real estate market this fall, contact us! The Keller Williams Memorial Team is here and ready to answer your questions and get you going toward achieving your real estate goals! We look forward to hearing from you!