Houston Home Myths Costing You Money

There are many myths flying around about home living and what tricks will save you money. Turns out, some of these common myths actually cost you money, along with time and energy. As your Houston real estate team, we’re here to clear up a few of these! Knowing the truth could save you money, it could keep you safer, and it could lend to a great debate at your upcoming holiday gatherings.

Here are a few common myths debunked by HouseLogic:

1. Marble countertops are indestructible. Truth is, even rock can be damaged, so there is no countertop option that is safe from stains, scratches and dullness. Acidic substances can even eat into marble. So, be careful with your countertops, and clean up spills immediately this holiday season.

2. Your smoke detector’s test button is foolproof. If you regularly test your smoke detector by pressing the test button, well done! You’re ahead of the crowd. However, this just shows you that the sound is working. To test the sensor, use real smoke near it, with a match or candle.

3. Lemons clean the garbage disposal. It’s good that you’re attempting natural cleansers, but the acidity of lemons can corrode the metal parts of the disposal, as does salt and ice. Coffee ground clog pipes. Your best bet is to use baking soda, which is abrasive enough to clean, but not acidic.

4. CFLs cost too much and are dangerous. If you stand in the lighting aisle for way too long, consider CFLs. They’ve come down in price and don’t contain enough mercury to cause harm. For as low as $3, one CFL bulb could save you nearly $60 a year for the lifetime of the bulb, which lasts about five years!

5. Mowing your lawn short means less mowing. While that’s true, it also means that your lawn might look pretty awful. Cutting the grass under an inch high gives it a high possibility of dying. Grass blades make and store energy. Leave one to three inches of grass above the roots.

6. Gutter guards are maintenance-free. Gutter guards can lessen your work a lot, because they help keep leaves out, but small debris can still get in, like seeds, pine straw, flower buds and more. It’s wise to check them and clean them out once a year or at least once every two years.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, check out the rest of the myths in HouseLogic’s article when it comes to kitchen remodels and contractor recommendations. They’ve got a lot of helpful information to take note of!

Save yourself some time, money and energy in the New Year with this newfound knowledge on items in your home. When ready to accomplish your Houston real estate market goals, contact us, the Keller Williams Memorial real estate team! We are here and ready to help!