Heal A Winter Funk With Houston Home Repairs

Do you feel like you’re already dreading winter’s funk now that Christmas is over? As a Houston homeowner, you could finally complete some of those simple home repairs that you’ve been putting off! Your Keller Williams Memorial real estate team is here to offer you some suggestions.

Here’s a few ideas that are great DIYs for a long holiday weekend or a day or weekend with no plans:

Fix sagging or wobbling holders. Whether it’s a towel rack or a toilet paper holder, you could unscrew it and see if a push-in plastic drywall anchor is the culprit. If so, pull it out and replace with something more substantial, such as a threaded E-Z Ancor.

Quiet squeaky door hinges. If your doors squeak, there’s always the classic WD-40, or there’s a more modern approach, like powdered graphite. Squirt some of this along the hinge. If a door sticks, sand off a bit of the wood and then touch up the paint.

Silence creaky floor boards. If your guests think you’ve got a ghost, it may be time to fix those creaky floors. There are anti-squeak repair kits that cost around $20, with specially designed screws. For an even easier option, dust talcum powder into the seam of the floorboards.

Repair blistered paint. This tends to happen on ceilings over the shower. Scrape off old paint and recoat with a high-quality exterior-grade paint. Use the vent when showering to prevent this!

Fix loose handles or hinges. All this often takes is a few turns of a screwdriver. If the screw is too big for the hole and just spins, use a bigger screw, or close up the space with glue on a toothpick.

Replace detector batteries. There is nothing worse than waking up to the sound of a smoke detector beeping. Fire departments now recommend just replacing the batteries to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at the same time each year to be safe.

Clean overlooked safety items. Clean and remove grease from your exhaust filter over the stove, so your vent works better and you prevent a stovetop fire from spreading. Clean out dryer vents by pulling the dryer out from the wall and disconnecting vent pipe. Vacuum out pipe.

Check electrical cords. Replace any that have brittle, cracked or damaged plugs. Try to remove extension cords if possible. Use power strips that will allow you to shut off many electronics at once to save on energy at night or when you’re gone.

Enjoy completing these home-maintenance jobs, as they are simple enough to complete in a day but will leave you feeling quite accomplished for longer! When ready to accomplish your real estate market goals in the new year, contact the Keller Williams Memorial team for help! Happy New Year!