Fast-track Tools

When you begin a career at KW Energy Corridor or KW Memorial as a Houston real estate agent, there are an abundance of Keller Williams tools awaiting you! These unmatched productivity-enhancing and marketing tools can help you achieve more than you ever have before in your real estate career. However, we understand that when it comes to setting up these tools, and learning how to use them, it can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we have Fast Track!

With Fast Track, we walk you through the entire process and get you up and running quickly. You can also get to know other new agents in the office and begin forming accountability relationships right away. Fast Track is a great way for new agents to feel right at home when joining our KW Memorial or KW Energy Corridor team.

Garrett Hall is our Agent Services Coordinator and Education Coordinator, and he describes Fast Track as “a streamlined program designed for agents with a busy schedule that want to hit the ground running.” Typically speaking, it’s for agents coming to our market center who are already in production.

After you join the team at KW Energy Corridor or KW Memorial, Garrett will set up a two-hour, one-on-one course with you. He will walk you through the setup process for all of your systems, and he will teach you how to utilize all of the tools at your disposal!

This includes setting up a KW account, website and email, and learning how to create marketing materials, how to set up a powerful database, how to set up marketing campaigns, how to use some of our exclusive tools, and so much more. After everything is set up, and you feel confident in your knowledge on how to begin using the tools offered to you here at KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor, you can set up an accountability relationship with other new agents!

“We have a new agent concierge that has a detailed three-month system for checking on the agents,” Garrett explained. “During those three months, the agent concierge makes sure that the agents know how to properly utilize all of our systems.”

This is an excellent opportunity for new agents to create lasting relationships with other new agents, and to find accountability buddies to help each other stay on track. It’s always nice to bond with someone who is going through the same exciting changes as you are!

If you are interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor, contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!