Agent Leadership Council

Here at KW Energy Corridor and KW Memorial, we believe in getting our agents involved in the culture and decision-making process as much as possible. That is why Keller Williams has the Agent Leadership Council (ALC), which is comprised of the top 20 percent of KW agents in each Market Center!

ALC provides a vehicle for agents to provide direct input in the operations at KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor. Agents get to make decisions that shape the culture and policies at our Market Centers. That way, they get to focus on the things that matter most to agents.

ALC is actively involved in the leadership of the company, holding ownership and management accountable to live within the budget and participating in attaining the goals of the Market Center. They are like a board of directors for each Market Center.

ALC consists of the top 20 percent of associates in the Market Centers. They meet at least once per month and help make major decisions in conjunction with the Team Leader and the Business Operating Partner. These meetings are open to all agents in the office to attend.

Aside from the ALC for each Market Center, there is also an ALC for each KW region, as well as one for the entire company.

KW is the only real estate company that “opens the books” to the agents. Agents are encouraged to view the profit and loss statements, because there are no financial secrets. Blanket decisions are not made from a corporate office and applied nationwide. We make decisions for our KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor offices, based on input from agents who are doing the most business in this market.

At the monthly meetings, ALC develops policies and guidelines for the office, discuss concerns about how business is being handled, set standards for the office, resolve any problems that arise, mastermind strategies to support and grow the office business plan, and protect the company culture.

ALC members also assist other agents in the office, such as new agents, who come in with a lot of questions. Who better to answer those questions than agents who have been there and done that?! Members of ALC inspire and motivate other agents.

If you are interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor, contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!