Commercial Energy Corridor
Commercial Energy Corridor


  1. With over 53,000 people living in Memorial, it has easily become one of the most well-rounded neighborhoods in Houston, TX. The area was named after one of its largest roads, Memorial Drive, which stretches from east to west and connects to Interstate 45. Memorial is known for its forested suburban surroundings, yet still offers a taste of city culture. It is the best of both worlds. While the area offers extravagant homes and estates, Memorial also has spacious and luxurious apartments. The area provides recreation parks, beautiful residential architecture, shops, nightlife spots, public and private schools for children, and so much more. It has Memorial City Mall, which houses many name brand shops, stores, and restaurants you know and love. Watch a new-released film while eating your favorite comfort foods at the Studio Movie Grill or take a nice stroll in Memorial Park. You’ll never get bored in this neighborhood.
  2. The Memorial area is west of downtown Houston in Harris County. The neighborhood is northwest of business district, the Galleria Area, or simply Uptown. Surrounding the neighborhood is the Memorial Villages to the east and the Katy Freeway (Interstate 10) to the north. The Bark Reservoir is on the west side and and the main river of Greater Houston, Buffalo Bayou, is located to the south of the area. Memorial has a mixture of different business and recreational districts. Restaurants, parks, dives, and retail shops are close enough to the residential areas that it won’t be a hassle to travel.
  3. The neighborhood is located 10 miles from downtown Houston, making your commute easier. If you have to travel from Spring Branch, it is only about a six-mile drive southbound. CityCentre, one of Houston’s most upscale retail and dining community, is located only three miles east of Memorial. Public transportation has been made simpler and affordable with METRO. Living in Memorial adds convenience to your life as you have access to main freeways such as Interstate 10, Interstate 45, and Beltway 8. Memorial Drive stretches 20 miles across the western Houston, making it one of the major street in the neighborhood.
  4. The residential parts of the area have a mixture of contemporary and upscale traditional homes, incorporating old and new school. From apartments to condos to cottage-style estates, Memorial has different architectural houses for all. The area provides an array of businesses, entertainment, dining, and retail shops. Memorial has both indoor and outdoor recreational activities. There is always something to do in town. Mainly single-families occupy this neighborhood although there are options for all types of renters and homeowners. The neighborhood allows for families to enjoy the peaceful and quaint environment that suburbia provides, while still offering city and social activities.


  1. Overview:
    1. Many families that live in Memorial attend schools in the Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD). This district has been named one of the best and prestigious school districts in Texas. Other students usually attend Houston Independent School District (HISD). SBISD has continued to welcome students from different backgrounds and has regular as well as charter public schools available. The district serves over 35,000 students with 45 campuses, offering preschool through high school. The district strives to make sure that every child has the ability to strive for high academic performance. HISD is one of the largest districts in Texas and serves over 200,000 students with 283 campuses in Houston. It is the seventh largest school district in America. The district is a two-time Broad Prize winner for having the most significant increase in student achievement. HISD is considered a culturally diverse public school system with about 100 languages spoken.
  2. Schools:
    1. Elementary Schools
      1. Memorial Drive Elementary School at 11202 Smithdale Road.
        1. Serving grades preschool through fifth, Memorial Drive Elementary is the second oldest school in the district. It caters to many student populations, including at-risk, special needs, and gifted/talented students. This school offers Spanish class as a world language option as well as music, art, and technology curriculum. Also, Memorial Elementary has its own student-led newspaper “MDE Pony Tracks” for those who have interests in writing, editing, and photography. The school’s administration cares about the students’ physical wellness there is a playground, track circle, and two baseball fields behind the school. It has been rated proficient in student performance.
      2. Frostwood Elementary School at 12214 Memorial Drive.
        1. Frostwood Elementary School has held the National Blue Ribbon School title for years as the administrative strive to have excelling students. Both academics and extracurricular activities are equally important. Even the U.S. Department of Education described Frostwood Elementary as an exemplary school. The school provides a wide array of options for its students to ensure so they can be well-rounded individuals. Besides the standard elementary curriculum, Frostwood offers bilingual/ESL, fine arts, health & fitness, and gifted & talented classes. The school has Life Skills events weekly outside of the academics to instill important and valuable lessons to build character.
    2. Middle Schools
      1. Spring Forest Middle School at 14240 Memorial Drive.
        1. Spring Forest Middle School enrolls students in grades sixth through eighth. Strong community involvement from families and staff is important to the school to ensure continual guidance and support is present. The school offers additional academics such as health & fitness, special education, Spanish, and technology. Spring Forest also gives their students the opportunities to participate in Fine Arts classes including band, choir, orchestra, and theater. For students who have a passion for sports, the school has basketball, cross country, soccer, and more. The Spring Forest school administration aims to maintain an environment where strong and intelligent individuals can flourish.
      2. Tanglewood Middle School at 5215 San Felipe Road.
        1. Tanglewood Middle School originally was an elementary school until 1992. The school administrative strives to provide quality education and teach the value and importance of education to its students. It offers opportunities for parents to be involved at Tanglewood through hosting school activities where volunteering is always welcome. Its Core Enrichment program is comprised of languages, fine arts, and technology. Students can study Spanish and Chinese as well as participate in visual arts, music, and theater. Athletics are also available at Tanglewood Middle School. The school has sports such as baseball, cross country, basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, and much more.
    3. High Schools
      1. Memorial High School at 935 Echo Lane.
        1. Memorial High School serves students in grades ninth through twelfth. The school administration works with its students to prepare them for life after graduation. This school has numerous clubs, organizations, and activities for students to choose from that occur before and after school. Students can participate in activities, including art club, life skills club, baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, and more. Memorial High School even has a student council where elected students can help improve school spirit and cultivate a positive community among peers. Parents also have a chance to be a part of the school’s community through Parent Teacher Association.
      2. Wisdom High School at 3325 Westheimer Road.
        1. Wisdom High School welcomes diversity in the student body with students speaking over 40 different languages and originating from over 70 different countries. Academic excellence is a commitment that Wisdom High educators and students live for. This high school offers Pre-AP and AP classes, architecture & construction courses, law & public safety courses as well as others. In terms of academic performance, Wisdom High students met satisfactory standards for both reading and math in STAAR. Outside of academics, students can easily join an array of clubs offered at the school such as anime, debate, JROTC, robotics, spirit committee, and more.
    4. Private Schools
      1. Yorkshire Academy at 14120 Memorial Drive.
        1. Yorkshire Academy enrolls students in grades preschool through fifth grade and allows room for students to grow in personal character, academics, and fine arts. The faculty desire for students to become successful in life and be prepared for middle school experiences. The teacher to student ratio in each classroom is 1:16 in order to ensure that students can build strong relationships with their teachers. Yorkshire Academy offers curriculum such as accelerated, Go Math!, as well as other standard subject curriculums. They even have academic competitions for student who want to challenge themselves and test their knowledge with other peers.
      2. Memorial Private High School at 14333 Fern Drive.
        1. Memorial Private High School is a faith-based school that serves students in grades sixth through twelfth. This college-prep school has academic that are based on Texas Education Agency core as well as electives for college-bound curriculum. The faculty at Memorial Private strives to prepare its students for four-year colleges and universities. The school administrators care about the mind as well as the body. Students can easily participate in yoga and CrossFit classes along with their normal academic courses. Pre-AP and AP courses are also offered as opportunities for students to earn college credit before they graduate from high school.


  1. Overview:
    1. The Memorial neighborhood is compiled of both upscale residential homes and luxury apartment complexes. Within the area, Memorial Villages covers a large part of the neighborhood and has elegant homes. They are all varying in different styles of traditional and contemporary architecture. Within the Memorial Villages are six separate areas including Hilshire, Spring Valley, Bunker Hill, Piney Point, and Hunters Creek. Each is quaint and sophisticated in its own way. These areas are known for their suburban culture. There are stylish high-rise condominiums mainly along Memorial Drive. The Memorial area also has apartments, especially near the Energy Corridor and in Memorial City district. This is great for those who want to be closer to many of the neighborhood’s businesses and companies. Also, many new houses and estates are in the process of being built and newly constructed for single families who are interested in living in a brand new home.
    2. Single-Family Homes
      1. The majority of the housing in the Memorial area is heavily made up of single-family homes. The numerous subdivisions and villages within Memorial make it possible for families to have so many types of home styles and floor plans to choose from. One to two story homes and estates are available, varying in the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, parking options, and amount of acres. Most of these places offer spacious living areas for growing families. While the houses mainly have the posh traditional ranch or country-style homes, others are newly constructed to fit more modern, contemporary styles.
    3. Apartments
      1. Although the area has many more options for single-family housing, there are several apartment complexes that are mainly for rent. Apartment complexes such as Alexan Ashford, The Grand on Memorial, and the Park on Memorial all offer sophisticated and respectable residential properties for those want to live comfortably. Alexan Ashford has a polished style and atmosphere that options of studios, one, and two bedroom apartments. The Grant on Memorial provides many floor plans to choose from and has community and apartment amenities. The Park on Memorial has luxurious floor plans and is located just minutes away from the Energy Corridor.
    4. High Rises
      1. More and more high rise condominiums and lofts are being built and sold and rented in The neighborhood, adding more commercial and urban vibes to the area. For those who want to be closer to the neighborhood’s shops, theaters, and restaurants, high rise condominiums such as Greenway Condos and Memorial Cove Lofts make living near the Galleria so much more upscale yet convenient. Greenway Condominiums is selling and renting high rise condos, ranging anything from $1,900 to $1,000,000, depending on the property. Memorial Cove Lofts is located on Memorial Drive and has different floor plans to match your home needs.
    5. New Construction
      1. Newly constructed homes are on the market in the Memorial area. While many have that traditional country style, more contemporary styles are constantly being built. Some homes and estates are three stories high as opposed to the typical one to two story structures. Also new homes are being built in gated communities to add to their exclusivity and luxury. Higher ceilings, more guest and master suites, and well-appointed island kitchens to add class and elegance to the interior. New additions to these constructed homes include outdoor living areas with summer kitchens to make hosting events and housing guests more convenient.

Real Estate

  1. Overview:
    1. Memorial has more single-family homes and estates being sold and placed on the market. Families are more interested in investing and living in houses that are more spacious and can accommodate for growing families. Single-family homes are selling for anything between from $75,000 to almost $3 million. This all depends on whether a family wants a house that is move-in ready or looking for a reconstruction project. There are a number of townhouses that are now on sale. They are ranging from two to four bedrooms and one to three bathrooms. Currently the largest townhomes on the market are over 5,000 square feet and the smallest ones are about 2,000 square feet. The pricing for buying townhomes starts off similar to that of single-family homes but only goes as high as over $1 million. The newer townhomes cost more because of the square footage, appliances included, and updated interior features.

Things to Do

  1. Overview:
    1. The Memorial neighborhood offers plenty of fun and eventful activities and experiences. This growing place provides options for its residents, making it a great place to call home. The Memorial area is surrounded by forests and parks, so it is perfect for families who want to participate in outdoor recreation. Active individuals don’t have to go to the fitness center just to get a good sweat in. There are parks and trails all around the area to get a brisk walk in. If people choose not to cook at home, they can head to the CityCenter Plaza, Memorial City Mall, or even the Town & Country for dining options. For those who enjoy retail therapy, there are different name brand stores and boutiques in the retail part of the area. Whether you are looking for the most popular nightlife spot, shops, cafes, restaurants, or entertainment centers, Memorial has it all.
  2. Retail & Entertainment
    1. Theater
      1. Going to see a movie has never been made more easier with all the theaters open in Memorial. Cinema Memorial City always has the new releases available to watch. For those who want the Studio Movie Grill experience, the place has both movies, delicious food, and a great social environment.
    2. Fitness Centers
      1. Those who enjoy staying active or getting back in shape with others can exercise at one of the numerous fitness centers in Memorial. The area has CrossFIt gyms, Memorial Athletic Club, Life Time Athletic, Fit Factor, and many more options. They have all the equipment you need to work out.
    3. Skating Rinks
      1. A great activity for the whole family is to go ice skating at Ice Skate at Memorial City. The rink is open for public ice skating seven days a week for recreational skaters. Ice Skate at Memorial City even has options for groups who wish to host parties and events.
    4. Swimming
      1. Memorial has several swimming pools for their active residents. This neighborhood offers both indoor and outdoor pool options. The Memorial Athletic Club and Aquatic Center has a great indoor pool and even offers swimming lessons to members. The Memorial Swimming Pool is a safe public pool for the whole family.
    5. Golf
      1. The Memorial Park offers golf lessons during the spring and summer for people who want to learn how to play or improve on their golfing skills. Plus, there are options for both adults and children. The levels range from beginners to intermediate, so individuals can go at their own place.
    6. Biking
      1. The Memorial area is perfect for bikers who want to enjoy their neighborhood. Memorial Park is perfect for biking as it has many trails that make up more than 30 miles of the park. Those who don’t have their own bikes can rent at one of Memorial’s bike rental shops.
    7. Shopping
      1. The possibilities are endless for retail shopping options. Town & Country Village and CityCenter Plaza all offer shopping and entertainment for its visitors. Town & Country Village has more than 90 retail shops to choose from. CityCenter has a mix of shops that can match any person’s style and taste.
    8. Nightlife
      1. The Memorial area even has nightlife spots for those who want to socialize and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. Shakespeare Pub offers live soul and blues every night. Watson’s House of Ales also has live music playing. NextDoor Bar & Lounge has filling bar snacks to accompany their wine and spirits.
    9. Cafes
      1. The area has several cafes open for your enjoyment, offering more than just coffee drinks. Tous Les Jours is a French-Asian bakery and cafe that offers healthy baked goods and premium coffee. Corner Bakery Cafe offers entrees and baked goods made from fresh ingredients and cares about its customers’ nutrition.
    10. Outdoor sports
      1. For families who prefer outdoor sports and activities, the Memorial neighborhood has all the amenities needed for some fun. No need to stay at home when there is the great outdoors surrounding the area. Memorial Park has volleyball courts, running tracks, baseball fields, and tennis courts for all visitors’ enjoyment.