Clean Your Houston Home Less Often With These Tricks

Spring cleaning season is looming on Houston homeowners. If you despise the thought of deep cleaning your home this season, start to incorporate tips and tricks into your home that will allow you to clean it less often! As your local real estate team, we’ve got some clever ones to share. Check these out:

  • Set your humidity level to 40-50 percent. Houston is a pretty humid place, and did you know that too much humidity is ideal for dust mites? They cause allergen reactions and increased production of dust. Use a humidifier, keep the windows closed when extra humid, and take shoes off at the door to prevent access dirt from entering.


  • Apply rain repellent to your shower. If you’ve got glass shower doors, use the same rain-repellent product on these doors as you do on your windshield! This will cause water, oils and debris to bead and roll off. You could also purchase an automatic shower cleaning gadget to hang on your shower wall.


  • Seal your countertops. Prevent liquids from staining your stone countertops, such as granite or marble, by making sure they are sealed. Sealer should be reapplied twice a year. Pour a couple drops of water on your counter, and if it doesn’t bead, it needs to be resealed.


  • Scrub your oven. Forget oven cleaners that promise a fast and easy cleaning job, because most are toxic, create a mess, and can actually burn your eyes or skin! (Avoid products with lye in them.) Instead, use a wet pumice stone to scrub dirt and grease, and finish up with a hot sponge or cloth.


  • Create a cleaning kit. By cleaning smartly, you can prevent dirt from building up. Create a spot-cleaning kit so you always have what you need on hand when an issue arises. Use cleaning pads for fingerprints on walls or appliances, damp micro-cloths on pet fur, dry sweeper cloths for dust, and so on.


For more tricks to keep your home clean on a regular basis, check out this HouseLogic article, and this entire spring cleaning guide for more tips.

If you plan on selling your home this spring, getting your home spotless and organized is even more important! Contact us, your Houston real estate team, when ready to accomplish your home-selling or home-buying goals in the Houston real estate market this season. We are ready to help!