Choose Right Paint Colors For Your Houston Home

Do you have remodeling plans for your home this summer? As your Houston real estate team, allow us to help you decide on paint colors! Did you know that natural and artificial lighting can alter the look of a paint color? It could look one way on the sample card, and look totally different on your wall. Knowing this in advance can help you choose wisely!

To determine how natural light will affect your paint colors, determine what direction your room faces:

  • North-facing – Bold colors show up more than muted ones, as these rooms look cool and bluish.
  • South-facing – Both cool and warm colors do well in these rooms. Dark colors will look brighter and light colors will glow.
  • East-facing – Reds, oranges and yellows do well in these rooms, which change from bright to dark later in the day.
  • West-facing – Morning light produces shadows and can make colors look dull, but later in the day, they’ll appear warm and beautiful.

How artificial lighting will affect your walls is dependent on what type of lighting you have:

  • Incandescent bulbs make reds, oranges and yellows more vivid, while muting blues and greens.
  • Fluorescent bulbs enrich blues and greens.
  • Halogens resemble natural light and make all colors more vivid.
  • CFLs produce a warm, neutral bluish-white light.
  • LEDs can be bought warmer or cooler and even “smart,” so you have more control over the lighting.

Now that you know all of this, here are some tips on choosing a paint color for a particular room in your home:

  • Paint squares of primed drywall with colors you are considering and move them around the room at different times of the day. For a simpler approach, move paint sample cards around the room throughout the day.
  • If the paint is already on the walls and you’re updating the lighting, put different types of bulbs in a lamp to see what the color looks like in each type of lighting. You can do this with paint samples as well.
  • Light-colored walls can be affected by paint sheen, and even the color of carpeting. Consider all of this when choosing a color!

For more tips on how to choose the right paint color for your home, check out this HouseLogic article. How much testing you want to do is up to you, but either way, it’s good to know this information before you make a major paint overhaul throughout your home!