We are so excited to announce that the design of our KW Energy Corridor office is officially complete! We owe it all to Derrick DeCristofaro of DAX Design Studio, who transformed this space into a luxury interior for our Houston real estate team to thrive in.

Derrick knows how to blur the lines of art and design with fine finishes, soft textures and exotic treasures. As Derrick says, “If you have great art, lighting and architectural design, you need nothing else.” Derrick also knows how to specifically design a real estate office, so that it becomes a marketable environment for potential clients!

As real estate agents, we know how much first impressions matter, and when someone walks into KW Energy Corridor, they notice the contemporary authenticity that comes with our brand. Derrick also designed our KW Memorial office, which we couldn’t be happier with!

Derrick said he first got into interior design to change the world in his own way. “I believed I could change the world, one room at a time,” Derrick said. He’s very proud of the design he came up with for KW Energy Corridor, and he said he loved collaborating with Kami Bossart, especially with the flooring.

“We both love the floors. I specified a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and then Kami and I decided to install the LVT in a fun, herringbone pattern,” Derrick said.

Derrick’s most frequent design tip is “Take your time and buy extremely beautiful things.” That is exactly what he did for our KW Energy Corridor office. View the photos below and see for yourself!

Brandie Heckeroth is one of our agents that works out of the newly designed KW Energy Corridor office, and she loves being there! “The office design and décor is beautiful and very inviting, yet professional. The space is well designed, with generous natural light and an amazing gathering place in the heart of the office,” Brandie explained.

If you want to work in a space that is designed specifically for real estate productivity, team collaboration and client hospitality, look no further than KW Energy Corridor or KW Memorial.

Enjoy these photos, compliments of James Evans of Premier Realty Services:

If interested in joining our team at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor? Contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!

At KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor, our real estate agents can use our 3D camera for listings, which is a huge marketing tool! Not only can you offer listing videos on your website, but you can offer them in 3D, which is the closest thing to seeing the property live. A potential buyer can virtually walk through a listing and view each room in 3D format.

As Inman News has said, having video options on your real estate website is now an absolute necessity, it is no longer optional. Consumers want and expect video now, which is the number one way they want to experience properties online.

Studies have shown that having a 3D listing on your website causes consumers to spend nearly 2.5 times longer looking at properties than those without this option. Potential buyers can walk through the listing at their own pace, rather than watching a video that they can’t control. They see what they want to see, how they want to see it, and they feel in control the entire time. This is especially an ideal option for active buyers.

If you’ve never used a 3D camera, have no fear! It’s incredibly easy to use. The camera collects accurate visual and spatial data to map entire areas in minutes. You can film a listing with almost no training. There is only one button on the camera, the On button. There is no special lighting or staging equipment involved. You just turn it on, and the smart rotation technology captures interiors automatically. Scanning a typical property typically takes under an hour to complete.

Potential buyers can look at multiple views of each property listing as well. There is Dollhouse view, which shows them the whole property at once in 3D. Floorplan view is a traditional top-down perspective. Outdoors, a potential buyer can see a 360-degree view around the house. Finally, they can walk through the interior like they’re really there, one room at a time, controlling the movement from their keyboard and mouse.

You can view one of our listing tours here.

As a KW Energy Corridor or KW Memorial agent, you can use the 3D camera technology in your real estate listings! All you have to do is contact our Concierge Services to schedule a tour. Cost is $100 up to 3,000 square feet and then $25 for every additional 1,000 square feet. If the listing is within a 10-mile radius of KW Memorial, it’s free! Then there are additional charges you can choose to include or not, such as 360-degree views of the front yard or backyard, and these only cost $10 each.

Offering 3D technology for your real estate listings is just one of the dozens of perks we offer you here at KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor! By working for a company of our size, you can enjoy perks that other, smaller companies could not afford to offer. Take advantage by joining our team!

If interested in joining our team at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor? Contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!

Are you familiar with Toastmasters? It is a nationwide non-profit organization developing public speaking and leadership skills through practice and feedback. Our Toastmasters Club is a local chapter specifically for agents at KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor!

If you’re wondering why you should focus on public speaking as a real estate agent, the ability to calmly and efficiently grow your business through public speaking will give you a leg up when it comes to finding new clients. You can use public speaking to spread the word about your services to more people at one time!

You could give speeches about real estate to all sorts of organizations, such as civic groups, business groups, trade organizations and so on, along with at community events, such as neighborhood block parties, farmer’s markets, festivals and more. If a business group or company regularly holds meetings for their members or employees, that’s a great opportunity as well.

Think of your speech as an enhanced listing presentation, where you can talk about current home prices in the area, inventory, financing, community growth and so much more. Choose a topic that you’re comfortable with and knowledgeable about!

By joining our Toastmasters Club, you can practice your public speaking skills in a fun environment, surrounded by other KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor agents just like you, in a room full of support. Public speaking is one of the most popular human fears, which may date back to our ancestors’ fear of being noticed by predators! If you can relate to this fear, join the club for practice and confidence before venturing out into the Houston real estate market to offer speeches.

Our Toastmasters Club is hosted by Garrett Hall, who established the club after he started attending Toastmasters classes and saw immediate improvement in his public speaking skills. As the education coordinator, he wanted to help other agents improve their skills as well.

“In this industry, you have to be an effective communicator to be successful. Toastmasters helps people communicate more effectively,” Garrett said.

The club meets every week for one hour. Each hour, a few presentations are given, an impromptu speaking activity is performed, and then each speaker gets an evaluation. This is a great chance to take a break during the week to socialize with other agents within our company and to gain support for something you might fear most!

Alexandra Ibarra is one of our agents who is involved with the club. She says, “Toastmasters had been under my radar to try, so when I saw that Keller Williams was going to start their own club, I was stoked! It allows me the opportunity to practice speaking in front of others. I’m very aware of the nervous ticks I have, however in this setting, I’m confident I’ll get constructive criticism and encouragement as well. With this combo and the structured meetings, I’m finding toastmasters very helpful in building my confidence speaking in front of others.”

Jessica Morena is another agent that is very fond of the club. She says, “I love our toastmasters club! It allows for all of us to become better speakers and builds our overall confidence. The speeches are always great to hear because everyone has a story and we get to hear pieces of it throughout each speech. I want to be a motivational speaker so this club is perfect for me!”

Interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor? contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!

Here are a few photos of the Toastmasters Club:

When you work in the real estate industry, you can’t just work in any office, designed at random. Our industry requires specific design concepts to meet certain needs. That is why the KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor offices were designed by a space planner, specifically with real estate in mind!

Part of the office design includes a Town Square co-working space, and private Prospect Rooms, each with its own designated purpose.

The Town Square is a co-working space where you can work in close quarters with other agents. This type of space has numerous perks, including a community atmosphere. It helps remind you that you’re part of something greater than yourself. Real estate can feel isolating at times, but when working in the co-working space at KW Energy Corridor or KW Memorial, you can bounce ideas off each other and help one another. Chances are, you’ll walk away with a new idea and a feeling of growth!

Overall, co-working spaces are a melting pot of creativity. When you collaborate with like-minded people, problems are solved and relationships are developed. It’s one of the many perks of working for a large company like KW!

Joseph Jack is one our many agents who use the Town Square. He said, “I utilize and appreciate the Town Square space at KW Memorial for numerous reasons, but my biggest would have to be the assistance and sharing of ideas amongst the agents, whether you are just beginning or have been thriving in the industry. You pop a question and get answers from some of the best Realtors in the business.”

Jennifer Lofton is another agent of ours who loves time spent in Town Square! She said, “As a Keller Williams agent, Town Square is a great resource for me. It is a professional, open work space that gives me the opportunity to exchange ideas with other agents (new and seasoned), and creates a sense of community that is not easily found at other offices. I use Town Square almost every day, and I think it has not only made me a better agent for my clients through the collaboration, but also one that is more engaged.”

On the other hand, if you need to buckle down and get your work done in a quiet, interruption-free space, that is what our Prospecting Rooms are for! These quiet rooms offer you total solitude from distractions and noise. It’s better than working around other agents, and it’s better than working from home, with loads of distractions all around you. When you need to get calls in, this is the place to go!

Jessica Moreno works in both the Town Square and the Prospecting Rooms. Of the Town Square, Jessica said, “I really love the co-working space because I feel like being around other productive agents increases my productivity. It’s also nice to bounce ideas off of each other, and to get help with things that might come up with deals!”

As far as the Prospecting Rooms, Jessica said, “That’s where I go when I really need to be in the zone and get my calls in for the day. Those little rooms are the greatest thing ever!”

Interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor? contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!

Interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor? contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!

Real estate professionals tend to work long hours, eat on the go and sleep fewer hours than recommended. This can quickly take a toll on your health if you’re not careful! This is why Keller Williams Realty launched a “Wellness Program” for all KW associates back in 2013. Since then, the KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor offices have received national attention for outstanding levels of participation!

When you’re a Houston real estate agent at KW Energy Corridor or KW Memorial, it’s more than just a place to work. It’s also a place to gain support and create bonds with other agents while regularly remaining active and healthy. As you work toward your health or fitness goals, you create lasting friendships and learn a thing or two from other agents.

We know it’s hard to fit fitness into your busy work schedule. But when you have others to exercise with, it feels just a little bit easier! That is why we get together for activities such as Zumba, yoga, fitness boot camp and more on a regular basis, and occasionally create teams for an organized race or some other fun fitness-related activity.

Currently, we have a bunch of agents and staff signed up for The Biggest Loser 90-Day Exercise Challenge, and we have a team signed up for Tour de Cure for Diabetes on Oct. 1. Our activities are always changing, so it never gets dull!

In our new KW Energy Corridor office, we even have a state-of-the-art gym! This way, agents can work out before work, during lunch, after work, or whenever it’s most convenient for them without ever having to leave the office. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

We were showcased in a Realtor Magazine article back in October 2015, when they wrote about how more than two dozen of our agents get together every Friday night for a fitness activity! These are some of the benefits that we started noticing after starting the Wellness Division:

More productivity – When you’re active and having fun, you feel better and have more energy! You can get more done in less time, without feeling drained afterward.

Strengthened morale – We have more pride, trust and commitment as a group of agents working together and supporting one another.

Lower health care costs – We can’t promise this one, but working out on a regular basis might keep you healthier for longer. Think of it as preventative medicine while creating friendships, losing weight, gaining energy and having fun!

This is just one of the many perks that KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor agents get to enjoy when they join our team.

Interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor? contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!

Whether you are a new agent, just joining the field of real estate, or you are a veteran agent, looking for a change, you might be curious on where KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor stand with floor time / property desk.

Many real estate companies make it mandatory for agents to do property desk, because the office needs that administrative role filled. Other companies make their agents pay for the opportunity to answer calls from prospective clients. Still others feel the concept is outdated and not worth an agent’s time, so they are dropping it altogether.

KW Energy Corridor and KW Memorial don’t fall into any of these categories. We make floor time free and voluntary! If one of our agents wants the opportunity for connection with potential clients and gathering leads, we give it to them. Most of our agents find this time valuable!

Whether you participate in floor time or not, the fact that we offer this as a free, voluntary service to our agents is a benefit to you and anyone who affiliates with us. When potential clients call KW Memorial or KW Energy Corridor, they immediately connect with a real agent who can answer their questions and help them feel at ease. Our size is a benefit, also! Lots of agents translates to lots of exposure to potential clients.

We feel that floor time is still valuable, whether you’re answering phone calls or speaking with people who walk in the door. As long as you are friendly and full of knowledge, offering this service to potential clients is invaluable. Anyone can turn to the internet and Google for answers to questions, but the knowledge that these potential clients can attain from an actual Houston real estate agent, in person or over the phone, is service on a whole other level!

Beverly Marshall is an agent with us at KW Energy Corridor, and she finds floor time to be valuable for her business. She says, “I think floor time is a valuable benefit in that agents who do it can, conceivably, get leads they otherwise would not get. It also gets agents familiar with the housing inventory that’s available.”

Gina Fisher is a KW Memorial agent who knows firsthand how opportunistic property desk can be! She said, “I always take advantage of my property desk opportunity. The first clients I gained from property desk referred me to two of their friends! You never know when that million dollar call will come in.”

If you are interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor, contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!

At KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor, we understand how overwhelming it can be to jumpstart your business as a new Houston real estate agent. We also understand that once you become a successful agent, you are incredibly busy! That is why we have created our revolutionary Showing Agent Program.

This program allows new agents to kick-start their business by creating temporary partnerships with busy agents, which is a win-win for both involved. There is no long-term commitment, just help when it is needed! The new agent will gain real-world experience, while adding a little money to their pocket, and the busy agent will leverage their time and prevent losing customers.

We want every agent to move from new to incredibly successful, and we think the best way to do that is to learn from the best agents we have at KW Energy Corridor and KW Memorial, because who knows better than those who have been there?

As a successful agent, you know that the majority of your time investment occurs on the buyer side of the sale. By using a showing agent to initially show houses to interested buyers, you are freeing up your time while also helping the new agent gain real-life skills. You can choose from a number of showing agents, and there is no long-term contract involved.

As the new agent, you can help the busy agent by showing properties to their home-buying clients. You will work together to rate properties and to choose only properties that fit the client’s budget and location needs. This will get you experience working directly with the market and with clients in the field. Once the buyer narrows the list of homes they are interested in buying, the lead agent will take over again.

As the new agent, we will give you all of the necessary tools and training you need so that you feel confident going into the field as a showing agent!

KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor also have Open House Hosting, Agent Ride-Along and Property Desk programs. All of these programs are meant to build confidence in our new agents, and to generate leads as quickly as possible!

If you are interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor, contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!

When launching a new career as a Houston real estate agent, we at KW Energy Corridor and KW Memorial believe the agent is the brand, not the brokerage. That is why we understand that agents want their own name recognition, and we help you make that happen!

We want to build confident business owners, which is why we encourage our agents to work with an in-house graphic designer. Together, you can create a logo and branding for your unique real estate business. Real estate is all about individuality and making yourself stand out in the real estate community. It’s also about making you relevant to your client base and niche market.

How will your market find you? Once they find you, why will they want to work with you? These are the questions that you can answer by using our in-house graphic designer. You can together create a brand that will make you stand out from the competition, so when potential clients see your marketing materials, they’ll remember you and contact you when they are ready. This includes designing a logo, website, brochures, business cards and more.

It can be a hassle to research graphic designers, find one that is experienced with real estate marketing, and then find one that is within your budget. That is why it is such a tremendous perk for KW Energy Corridor and KW Memorial agents to have an in-house graphic designer to work with! We take away the stress of finding a designer, so you can get straight to the point, which is to create your brand and marketing materials.

We have preferred custom print vendors as well, who are here to help you put it all together and to build professional marketing packages.

At KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor, you can also shoot videos in our onsite green screen studio, and you can use these videos in your online marketing plan! Videos are a huge part of online presence right now. Having video on your website and social media pages helps you show up in search engine results, which is key for clients finding your name when they are searching online.

Plus, potential clients can feel familiar with you after watching a video of you, and might feel more comfortable contacting you. It’s a way for them to get to know you before even meeting you!

If you are interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor, contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!

With so many real estate companies and corporations out there, you may wonder why you should choose Keller Williams as a Houston area real estate agent. We at KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor would like to help you understand what sets Keller Williams apart from the rest!

First off, KW is the largest real estate company in the world. We have 130,000 real estate agents in more than 700 market centers worldwide. What sets us apart is that Keller Williams is based around the agent. The agent doesn’t work for the firm, the firm works for the agent! The agent comes first, and KW strives to meet the needs of each and every agent. After all, KW can’t be successful if KW agents aren’t successful!

This is why KW offers Agent Leadership Council, or ALC, which allows top agents in each market center to take part in improving the center and in helping newer agents out. This is why KW offers profit sharing, in which almost 50 percent of every market center’s profits are returned to those who contributed to the center’s growth. That is why we have KW Connect, which is the real estate industry’s most innovative distance learning program, and MAPS coaching.

The culture of Keller Williams is also what sets it apart. We’re a team of agents, constantly finding new ways to support each other and our communities. In our last blog post, we shared how our KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor offices came together to support a fellow team member battling cancer with a casino fundraiser. We also take part in RED Day each year, which allows us to give back to our communities, and KW Cares is a charity that helps us support one another during hardships.

Technology advancement is another way that Keller Williams stands out from the rest. We continually find ways to transform the methods in which agents can communicate with their clients, and clients can search for homes, and agents can keep up with education in the most convenient way possible. That is why we offer state-of-the-art technology in our KW Energy Corridor and KW Memorial offices. That’s why we offer livestreaming of our market center meetings. That is why so much educational information is available to our agents, online, anytime they need it!

Keller Williams has been serving Houston since 1989, which is when KW Memorial Realty first opened its doors! Agents at KW Memorial, and sister office KW Energy Corridor, are local experts with global reach. We have an international division, a luxury division, a commercial division and many more. KW reaches everyone, everywhere! It is the most well-rounded real estate company out there.

If you are interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor, contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!

KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor are teams, families even, of close-knit agents here and ready to support each other and help one another out when needed. That is why last month, on June 10, we held a Charity Casino Night fundraiser for Dottie Brannon. Dottie is currently fighting a battle with breast cancer, and her family of KW Memorial agents want to help her out. Dottie has been a KW Memorial agent since 2009.

The theme of casino night was 007, with Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack and Bingo available for all to play and enjoy! We also had a slew of food, drinks and prizes for everyone who attended and participated. Local businesses donated items for our raffle, which was an awesome way to bring together the entire Houston community in honor of Dottie.

The amazing prizes that were awarded included an Apple Watch and a Fit Bit. Starkey Mortgage and Debbie Cash provided a wine tool kit and wine package. K.Hovnanian Homes provided an awesome gift basket. iFLY Houston provided a gift card for two flight passes. Jimmy Loyd Photography provided a gift certificate for one headshot session. This is just an example of the many raffle prizes awarded to KW Memorial team members that night!

Some of our team members went above and beyond the call of duty. Mike Boucher, one of our KW Memorial agents, donated $1 for every agent in the office, which equaled $527. He asked every agent to put in $1 to match. Movement Mortgage did the same, with a $527 donation. Agent matching participation came out to $535. Together, that equaled $1,589, and with KW Cares Match x 4, it came out to $6,356. That was before the fundraiser even began!

When all was said and done, KW Energy Corridor and KW Memorial raised about $10,000 for Dottie! After KW Cares matched that x 4, we were able to donate $40,000 to her. While this can’t unburden her from the battle she’s facing, it will help with the financial burden of cancer treatments and will hopefully ease her stress levels. We support Dottie and are keeping her in our thoughts, always!

Check out some photos from the event:

If you are interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor, contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!