Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Houston Homeowners

Among Houston homeowners, kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular rooms to remodel in the home. Chances are, you spend a good amount of time in each of these. The bathroom is where you go first thing in the morning, and before you head to bed. You want to wake up and head to a room you love! Plus, it helps that kitchen and bathroom upgrades may yield increased home value and interest from buyers when you go to sell.

Your Keller Williams Memorial real estate team is here to tell you, like with all home improvement projects, not all upgrades are created equal. Realtor.com recently shared the best bathroom upgrades for both usefulness and return on investment. Here are some small upgrades to start with:

  • Reglaze your tub. You don’t have to spend thousands on the installation of a new tub! Having a tub glazed will cost around $1,500, much less. Focus instead on the front part of the bathroom rather than the shower area, if it’s in decent shape.
  • Invest in a sink. You spend a lot of time at your sink, so it may be worth investing in a new one! It could only cost a few hundred dollars for a contemporary sink, which will make all the difference in your bathroom’s appearance. Upgrading just your sink’s faucet handles can make a huge difference as well.
  • Go for tile. While natural stone is popular, it’s also pricey and taste-specific. Tile is timeless and appeals to a broader range of people. You can use subway tiles, which cost around 21 cents each and could add up to $10,000 of value to your home!
  • Upgrade lighting. Chances are, you spend a good amount of time looking in the mirror. Make sure that what you looks true to life with upgraded lighting and lighting fixtures. Dated light fixtures are a turnoff, and new fixtures could cost no more than $100.
  • Install a double vanity. Many buyers are looking for a bathroom with double vanities, whether for the heads of the household or for kids who share a bathroom. It typically costs between $200 and $800, and it could save many fights and yield more interest in buyers!
  • Get a water-saving toilet. Energy-saving upgrades are in, and a new upgrade like this could save you money and increase your home value. New toilets save up to 18,000 gallons of water annually and could shed more than $110 per year off your water bill.

For more bathroom upgrade tips, check out this Realtor.com article. What do you appreciate most in a bathroom? Leave a comment and share!

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