4 Affordable Ways to Increase Houston Home Value

4 Affordable Ways To Increase Houston Home Value


If you would like to sell your home in the Houston real estate market this spring or summer season, now is the time to figure out the value of your home! There are some super affordable ways to increase your home’s value before listing, and as your KW Memorial real estate team, we’re here to share some of those with you today.

If you’ve done research, you’ve undoubtedly found some ideas for how to increase your resale value. However, many of these suggestions are expensive or time consuming. We understand that not everyone has a huge chunk of money to spend before a home sale! Here are some more budget-friendly options that will still help improve your home’s value:

1. Replace Doors and Windows


This is a great upgrade to make, because it impacts the outside and inside of your home. New doors and windows can increase your exterior curb appeal, your interior aesthetics, and also the energy efficiency of your home! Opt for energy-efficient options, such as steel or fiberglass doors and double-pane windows, which help keep energy costs down. They also improve security!

2. Add Space


If you can’t afford a major renovation, like building square footage onto your home, you can still add space in other ways. If you don’t currently have an outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing, add a deck or patio. If you have a basement used for storage, consider partially or fully finishing it. You could also finish a garage, an attic, or add a shed to the backyard. If you have a bonus room already, add a closet to make it another bedroom.

3. Modernize Plumbing


The plumbing of a home is often overlooked by buyers, until the inspection. But little leaks and plumbing issues can cost you a lot of money over time, and it will impact your home value after an inspection. Hire a professional to change out old plumbing fixtures, and same with your water heater. These are big expenses that no homeowner wants to deal with down the road, especially if damage is done before repairs.

4. Paint Wisely


Fresh paint is always an affordable, smart option for increasing home value and attracting buyers! Just be sure to choose neutral colors for the walls if you’re gearing up to sell. Paint can also make a big difference on kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Give them a nice sanding, priming and painting. It sure beats the cost of replacing them!

For more tips and details, check out this RISMedia article. When ready to sell your home, or if you have questions about the Houston real estate market, contact us! Our Keller Williams Memorial real estate team is here and ready to help make your real estate dreams a reality.