Add Home Value To Your Houston Home With Exterior Upgrades

Add Home Value To Your Home With Exterior Upgrades


Summer is a great season for exterior home improvement projects, especially if you plan on selling your Houston home soon! As your Houston real estate team, we want to offer you some suggestions, so that you choose projects that will yield a return on investment. If you’re going to spend your time and money upgrading your home, you might as well choose projects that will earn you money back!

There are seven exterior improvements that will help you increase the resale value of your home most. Here they are:

1. Front Door

The average return on resale is a whopping 102 percent! This is the best improvement for ROI, plus an energy-efficient option can save you 10 percent on energy bills, and it adds a level of home security. Average cost is $1,230. Use this HouseLogic guide to help you choose the right front door for your home.

2. Landscaping

The average return on resale for good landscaping is 100 percent! Plus, with landscaping and curb appeal, you could sell your home 10 to 15 percent faster. The average cost is $3,502, but you could easily cut this cost down with some DIY work.

3. Repainting

By repainting your exterior, you could see a 90 percent return on investment. You want to choose warm and inviting colors, like taupe. Average cost is $2,000.

4. Home Automation

By turning your home into a smart home with electronic locks that connect to your smartphone, you could see a 100 percent return on investment. Younger homebuyers are especially interested in this. Average cost is $3,172.

5. Fencing

By adding a privacy fence, you could see a 100 percent return on investment. Wood or stone fencing provides the best ROI, somewhere between four to nine feet high. Average cost is $2,450.

6. Windows

Updated windows have an average return on resale at 90 percent, but the project costs a whopping $9,700. Another perk, if choosing Energy Star windows, is they can save you $125 to $465 per year on your energy bill!

7. Pressure Washing

By pressure washing your exterior, including the home, driveway, walkway and porch, you could see a 100 percent return on resale. This project only costs an average of $236 if hiring a contractor but could cost as little as $100 if you buy a pressure washing machine and do it yourself. Doing this will make a big difference with curb appeal. Here is a helpful article that will educate you on how to choose one.

As you can see, you have many options as a Houston homeowner, in many different budget ranges. Your best bet is to figure out how much you can afford to pay toward exterior home improvements, notice what your Houston home needs most, and decide what you can do on your own, and what you’ll need to hire a professional for.

When ready to sell your Houston home, or when ready to buy a house in Houston, contact us, your Houston team of real estate agents! We are here and ready to help you with your real estate goals all summer long.