Compliance Review, E&o Insurance

At KW Memorial and KW Energy Corridor, you can feel peace of mind knowing that you have a team of professionals behind you, protecting you against expensive legal mistakes. As a real estate agent, it is risky to do business without compliance review and comprehensive E&O insurance. Thanks to the size of our company, we can provide you with these services!

Marilyn O’Neill is head of our compliance review team, and she explained that professional liability insurance – Errors and Omission is a great comfort to any agent, personally and financially. In the event that the agent is sued for acts they conducted or failed to conduct during the course of a real estate transaction, she can provide a policy that will assist the agent.

Agents can be sued individually for their actions or lack thereof, and like O’Neill explained, most agents would not have the ability financially to defend themselves in the event of a dispute or lawsuit.

“The value of compliance review is if an agent has met the Brokers Requirements for compliance, they will be able to qualify for the deductible to be waived,” O’Neill said. “Otherwise, they would be responsible for their portion of the deductible in the event a claim is presented.”

At KW Energy Corridor and KW Memorial, this is a gift that we provide to each and every agent and it is invaluable! Penny Paegel is one of many team members who has used O’Neill’s services at KW Memorial, and she raves about the value of this service.

As Paegel described, “Marilyn O’Neill is an incredible resource at KW Memorial. She is always there to guide me through problems when I need her expertise. She has saved me so many times! Just knowing she is there gives me peace of mind.”

Betty Bezemer is another team member who praises these services. She said, “What a blessing to have the support and watchful eye overlooking our transactional documents. Marilyn, through her teaching, is like the iron which sparks when striking the anvil… Enlightening! Ever vigilant and providing the latest Information so we bring the best services to our clients in this changing real estate industry.”

Thanks to the size of KW Energy Corridor and KW Memorial, we can offer these services to our agents. As O’Neill put it, “This is a value proposition that is given to each and every agent that joins our awesome Market Center.”

O’Neill was an officer with Marsh & McLennan and headed up their Risk Management unit in the 1970’s. She has a deep understanding of risk management within the scope of our broker/agent responsibilities. She understands the duties and obligations the Broker needs to require for an agent to be operating in a very risk-avoidance environment. She understands it from an insurance perspective, too, and she’s a Realtor herself!

“I have an awesome team of six individuals helping me help agents with compliance,” O’Neill said.

This invaluable service, along with our in-house attorney, can keep you calm and confident when working with clients in the Houston real estate market.

If you are interested in joining our team here at Keller Williams Memorial Realty, or in learning more about our business center, Keller Williams Energy Corridor, contact team leader Michael Bossart at michaelb@kw.com!