Find Houston Real Estate Listings That Match YOUR Needs

No matter what your budget is, Keller Williams Memorial Realty can find exactly what you need in a new home with the help of our Houston real estate listings. We've been the heart of Houston since 1989, and we know exactly what you need when you're looking for a new home in a town that's hard to find every little detail that you want. Our MLS listings (Houston, Texas) are unbeatable, and you'll never find a home as comfortable and satisfying as the ones that you'll see with any other realtor in the area.

Dedication to Excellence

Our Houston MLS is one of the best MLS services in the nation. We guarantee that you can always find all the information you'll need on upcoming open houses and specific Houston, Texas real estate listings to make sure that you're able to use your time most effectively.

We guarantee:

  • Speedy Services and the Best Listings
  • Quality and Experience to Help You Find the Right House
  • As Many Listings as it Takes to Get What You're Looking For
  • The Perfect Home to Start Your New Life In

Start Your Life Right

Keller Williams Memorial understands that buying a home is one of the most difficult decisions that you'll make for yourself and your family. We also understand the differences between a "nice home" and your future "dream home" and we strive to guarantee that we'll find the perfect MLS listings to get the perfect neighborhood, and the perfect property features and all the other intangible things that a family needs to get started - and we can help you get there.

Success Starts With Quality Partners

With over 400 of the absolute best real estate agents in Houston, we have a significant reputation for providing the most superior services to our clients. All of our associates receive training through our very own curriculum offered at Keller Williams University. This guarantees that our professionals are ahead of the trends, changes, and technological advances to give you the competitive edge you need when purchasing a house. Plus, that extensive knowledge about the neighborhood and surrounding properties is invaluable when deciding where to plant your roots.

No matter what you're looking for, we know you'll find the absolute best Houston real estate listings and we're confident that no matter which MLS Houston listings you find, you'll never find better real estate agents than at Keller Williams Memorial.